GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK 2015 Final Showcase

GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK 2015 will conclude its three-week residential experience with a Final Showcase this Friday, featuring an address by President Capilouto, representatives from KY Council for Postsecondary Education (CPE), and selected high school student presentations. The event begins with a reception at 5 pm on Friday, July 24, held outside Woodland Glen II – the residence hall where the 65 high schoolers and their resident advisors have been living this summer. Dinner for the high school students and their parents will be provided courtesy of Enrollment Management in the tent on Woodland Avenue from 6-8 p.m.

GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy@UK 2015This Showcase marks the conclusion of GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK 2015, a partnership between UK and CPE. GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is a federal program designed to promote college readiness. For the last two years UK has received approximately $150,000 in matching funds from GEAR UP KY to provide an educational experience for high school students from selected, under-performing Kentucky schools. Our goal is to strengthen the students academically, encouraging them to understand that a college education is within their reach. We hope that many of these students will consider UK in particular and for this reason we have purposefully designed the UK GEAR UP curriculum to introduce key learning objectives of UK Core, our nationally recognized general education program.

Though organized through the Division of Undergraduate Education, this program would not be possible without the hard work of people from several colleges and central units. A list of contributors is provided below; please consider attending the reception and the Showcase to help President Capilouto celebrate accomplishments of the students and recognize the significant contributions of faculty and staff in your area.

  • College of Agriculture, Food and Environment: Molly Davis (Director of the Arboretum); Jason Headrick (Director of Student Relations); Associate Dean, Dr. Larry Grabau; Dr. Stacy Vincent and Aly Sowder (Ag Education) for “Walk Across Kentucky” and “Following Our Food, Learning to Lead” in Ag Sciences
  • College of Arts & Sciences: Maher Alkateeb (Arabic Studies) for Global Studies; instructors from Ecuador and the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL)
  • College of Communication & Information: Dr. Allyson DeVito, Dr. Sarah Kercsmer and Chelsea Woods (Instructional Communication & Research) for General Studies Core – Communications
  • College of Design: Patrick Lee Lucas, Director of School of Interiors, for “Design in Your World”
  • College of Education: Fatih Destebasi for Global Studies (Turkish as a Second Language); Yasuka Miura for Global Studies (Japanese Language and Culture); Associate Dean, Dr. Laurie Henry, Sara Flanagan and Erin Sienicki for General Studies Core – Education
  • College of Engineering: Dr. Bruce Walcott for “Engineering and Autonomous Systems”
  • College of Fine Arts: Robert Dickes (School of Visual Arts); Justin Cornelison (Music); Dana Clark (School of Visual Arts); Michael Lewis Johnson (Theatre); Erin Walker (Music); Nicole White (School of Visual Arts) for the Arts & Creativity Core courses: Creativity and the Art of Acting, Introduction to Photographic Literacy, Performing World Music
  • Campus Recreation in the Division of Student Affairs: Ron Lee, Executive Director for College Café session on a tour of the University’s campus recreational facilities
  • Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching: Cara Worick for General Studies Core (video production and blogging)
  • Enrollment Management: Don Witt and Jonathan Blazejewski for the Final Showcase and Dinner for all the students and parents
  • International Center: Karen Slaymaker for Global Studies in College Cafe as well as coordinating the weekly courses featuring a different Language & Culture: Arabic, Japanese, Turkish
  • Science Outreach Center (in the College of Medicine): Margaret McConnell and Dr. Don Frazier for “Using Problem-Solving Tools in Science”
  • Office of Sustainability: Shane Tedder and Victor Smith for College Café sessions on sustainability on campus and bicycle safety
  • Undergraduate Education: Matthew Deffendall (First Gen Initiatives) for “Global Workplace Communications”; Christine Kindler for “History Comes Alive: Heritage, Heists, and Human Rights”; Rachael Deel (Transformative Learning) for “Marketing Me”; and Kelsey Carew (First Gen Initiatives) leading the Summer Academy@UK Living Learning Community
  • UKHC IT: Seth Anderson “Scratch Programming”
  • UK Libraries: Jaime Burton (Special Collections) for General Studies Core – research

Benjamin C. Withers, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
University of Kentucky

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Call for Microteaching Group Leaders in TA Orientation, August 17-18

The Graduate School is looking for faculty, teaching staff, and experienced teaching assistants with a record of effective classroom teaching to serve as Microteaching Group Leaders during the university-wide TA Orientation, August 17 and 18.

Interested applicants should complete the interest survey found online here:
What is Microteaching at UK?
An 8-10 minute mini-lesson with peers serving as students; the activity (e.g., lecture, discussion) is video-recorded for a private viewing and self-critique. See more on the Graduate School website.

A required training session is tentatively set for Monday, August 10, from 9:00 a.m. until noon (location TBD), with lunch provided.

Applicants will be notified of their selection by July 31st.  The selection committee will take into account depth and range of previous teaching experience, record of effective college teaching, previous microteaching group leader experience, and academic disciplines represented in the leader and participant pools.

Note that the Graduate School will provide a $100 stipend to each graduate student who serves as a Microteaching Group Leader.  For graduate students it also provides an academic service opportunity and a mark of distinction to be included in a CV.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Morris Grubbs in the UK Graduate School at

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What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Undergraduate Council & UK Core

Two important University-wide faculty governance responsibilities reside in the Division of Undergraduate Education and are overseen by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education:

UK Core Program & the UKCEC

The UK Core Program is finishing up the fourth academic year of implementation, and broad faculty involvement across all colleges serving undergraduates has been critical to its success. UK’s general education program is overseen by the UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC) that assures that course offerings address all four student learning outcomes. All courses each semester require students to upload an assignment for assessment purposes via their course in the MyUK portal.

Chris Thuringer

Dr. Chris Thuringer, Assistant Provost for Program Assessment and Planning

The Division of Undergraduate Education and UKCEC oversee the program evaluation process which by this point has included all of the ten content areas. Dr. Chris Thuringer, Assistant Provost for Program Assessment and Planning in the Division of Undergraduate Education, serves as the coordinator of these processes. See more information on the UK Core website:

UK Core Experimental Courses Offered 2014-15

UK Core Program Content Area UKC Course Name UK Department (College)
Inquiry – Arts & Creativity Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
Lens Art
BioArt: Creativity, Experimentation and Methodology in Art and Science
Art&VS (FA)
Art&VS (FA) + Biology (A&S)
Inquiry – Humanities Facebook Social Media
Arches to Engines: A History of Tech
Global Shakespeare
History (A&S)
English (A&S)
Inquiry – Social Sciences Public Health and Nutrition, 21st Century
Historic Preservation: How the Past Informs the Future
Nursing (NUR)
HP (Design)
U.S. Citizenship Rhetorics of Citizenship
Food Ethics
Info Communication Technology in Society
Phil (A&S)

UK Core Courses Proposed 2014-15

UK Core Content Area College Under Review Approved as of Spr’15
Statistical Inferential Reasoning EDU
EPE 557
MNG 335
Inquiry – Humanities A&S HIS 109, HIS 112, PHI 260, PHI 270, PHI 317, PHI 380, WRD 210 AIS 328, HIS 254
Inquiry – Natural Sciences A&S EES 180
Citizenship – U.S. Citizenship C&I
COM 315
CPH 442
PHI 205, PHI 334, PHI 340, WRD 422
Citizenship – Global Dynamics FA
A-H 304
HIS 104, HIS 191, HIS 254, ITA 335, SPA 111
ICT 205
MAT 247
AIS 330


Undergraduate Council

The Undergraduate Council is a standing committee of the University Senate. This year, under the leadership of UGE Assistant Provost Karen Badger, the Undergraduate Council has been working with UKCEC, Graduate Council and Senate Council to reduce the amount of time it takes for a proposal to move through the review/approval process.

The UGC has found that the most common issues that faculty encounter with problem proposals are that they are missing required items that can be found in the UK Syllabus Template, and that students learning outcomes may be missing or written in ways that show they are not measurable. A consultation with CELT staff will help strengthen a course or program proposal – visit their website:

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What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Retention & Student Success

Bethany Miller

Dr. Bethany Miller, Director of Retention and Student Success

The Office of Retention and Student Success has continued to show a great impact on the University-wide efforts for improving retention and graduation rates. This unit in the Division of Undergraduate Education is led by Dr. Bethany Miller.

The recent increases in student success at UK reflect the collaborative, campus-wide approach Dr. Miller has undertaken to monitor early alerts, midterm grades, financial balances, pre-registrations and more. Outreach efforts to individual students combine with strategic efforts targeting those students who are showing they are at-risk of dropping out but also have strong indicators for success at UK (the “700” initiative).

Workgroups affiliated with Retention & Student SuccessThese efforts are led by the Office of Retention and Student Success in partnership with many central units who are represented in the Campus Retention Advisory Committee (CRAC) – now known as the Committee on Student Success. This committee meets regularly to advise University leadership in the design, implementation and assessment of UK’s student success initiatives.

There are several other, smaller teams working on strategic efforts to improve student retention and graduation rates.

  • Student Success Intervention Team
  • College Retention Committees
  • HANA/Tableau Community of Practice
  • Financial Wellness Advisory Board
  • Research Consortium on Student Success

These groups also communicate regularly with Dr. Miller. These communications support the campus-wide Retention Updates produced weekly by the Retention & Student Success office.

For more information, see the Student Success website on “Rethinking Retention.”


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What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Transformative Learning

Deanna Sellnow

Dr. Deanna Sellnow, Assistant Provost for Transformative Learning

As part of the reorganization of the Division of Undergraduate Education, Transformative Learning has emerged under the leadership of Dr. Deanna Sellnow, Assistant Provost. Transformative Learning enhances through intentional collaborations with UK’s undergraduate colleges, student support units and community members the best in existing units and has developed new initiatives as well. They serve both faculty (professional development and consultations) and students (individual and group tutoring, workshops) — including Academic Enhancement (better known as The Study), Presentation U!, and the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) program.

Tranformative Learning = The Study, PresentationU, CNP

Academic Enhancement (AE)

Students don’t need an appointment to attend peer tutoring sessions at The Study – all UK academic advisors know of and rely on the services AE offers to support student success, including placement testing and two of the courses in the UK Academic Preparation Program (college reading for English speakers and math developmental education). Another proven success for UK students is the Study Smarter Seminar. This seminar includes tips to improve: note taking, critical reading, goal setting, self-testing strategies, test-taking anxiety and time management — as well as how to incorporate technology into studying to make life easier.

Presentation U!
(UK’s Quality Enhancement Plan under the SACS-COC accreditation review)

A state-of-the-art multimodal communication center, Presentation U! is the centerpiece of UK’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for SACS-COC accreditation. Faculty Fellows work with the Presentation U! staff in workshops, small groups and one-on-one sessions to develop instructional modules, assignments, grading rubrics and other assessment methods for their courses, public presentations or digital publications. Graduate students can serve as GAs to mentor undergraduate peer tutors or to present faculty development workshops on campus. Undergraduates drop-in or schedule a free peer tutoring session at Presentation U! in the basement of the W.T. Young Library. Peer tutors assist with all multimodal communication projects including written (papers & outlines), oral (speeches & presentations), and visual (powerpoint, prezis, e-portfolios, etc.) assignments. Students can attend Power Hours, offered at both W.T. Young or at Champions Court on North Campus for their convenience.

Social Enterprise & Innovation/Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) certificate program

This co-curricular professional certificate program is for students interested in nonprofit work or eager to develop the leadership skills sought after by all employers. Dr. Todd J. Stoltzfus runs the certificate programming: the University of Kentucky is an approved academic provider for the CNP which is credentialed by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The program complements majors and minors and equips students with professional skills, networking, and internship experiences to succeed as leaders upon graduation.

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What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Academy for Undergraduate Excellence

Phil Kraemer

Dr. Phil Kraemer, Chellgren Center Director and Academy Coordinator

The Academy for Undergraduate Excellence was established last year to craft meaningful collaborations among UK’s premier academic enrichment programs for the benefit of all undergraduates. Dr. Philipp Kraemer coordinates the Academy which combines and works across several Undergraduate Education units in an intentional way:

Through the Academy deeply committed students can extend and enrich learning within academic majors, minors, living learning programs, and the UK Core. For example, sophomores mentored by Chellgren professors (see the list at in a scholarly project are eminently poised to succeed in applying for a Gaines Fellowship for their junior year and complete a major independent study project in their senior year.

The Student Outreach Team includes the Chellgren Student Fellows Program, First Generation Initiatives, Nationally Competitive Awards and SPUR from Undergraduate Research, representing the Academy at both on-campus and off-campus events.

The Honors Residential College offers many resources to its students but primarily emphasizes peer-to-peer interactions strengthened by a series of co-curricular activities conducive to learning and discovery. Many of the faculty and staff from across campus who teach, mentor or offer support for extracurricular activities in the Honors Program also serve as Gaines Seminar faculty, Chellgren Professors or as sponsors for Undergraduate Research students.

This year all the units in the Academy supported the Undergraduate Research Showcase in Spring 2015. Emphasizing the interconnections among the constituent programs, the Academy affords all students individualized paths to academic excellence.

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What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Career & Exploratory Advising

Karen Badger

Dr. Karen Badger, Associate Dean for Career & Exploratory Advising and Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education

Starting on December 1, 2014, Dr. Karen Badger became the Associate Dean for Career and Exploratory Advising and Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education (UGE). As Associate Dean (for the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Ben Withers), she is responsible for leadership in both Undergraduate Studies and the Stuckert Career Center.

By combining these two units, after going through exhaustive external reviews in 2007 and again in 2012-13, UGE is bringing together two sets of professional staff from different backgrounds to work collaboratively on both advising and career counseling strategies. Combining them under an Associate Dean with senior faculty rank will focus and deepen those programs that facilitate students who making their transition to college. As the students explore academic and career options, they will be more efficiently served as the two units begin understanding more clearly how each other’s professional standards support and diversify opportunities for student learning in these critical areas.

Key Programming in Undergraduate Studies and the Stuckert Career Center that Cross between Career Counseling and Academic Advising

  • Academic Preparation Program advising
  • BCTCblue+ Program and KCTCS Transfer Pathway Guides
  • BTAP (transition from B&E) and ETAP (from Engineering)
  • Career Fairs
  • Advising for Non-degreeseeking High School Students in Dual Credit Programs, e.g., STEAM Academy
  • UK’s National Student Exchange Program
  • Experiential Education Program (EXP courses) and UK-prefix Orientation Courses, including UK150 (Major and Career Exploration)
  • Pre-professional advising
  • Rebound Program for re-admitted students in Undergraduate Studies

As Assistant Provost, Dr. Badger helps the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education lead campus conversations to evaluate and strengthen advising and career services for all undergraduate students. As a faculty champion for exploratory students transitioning from high school as well as from other institutions to UK, Dr. Badger brings a wealth of knowledge to the review committees for curricular proposals. She also coordinates University-wide curriculum processes by leading the Undergraduate Council and the UK Core Education Committee.

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Summer Academy@UK 2015 – Collaboration Across Colleges and Support Units

GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy @ UK logoThe GEAR UP Kentucky 3.0 Summer Academy@UK launched on July 5, 2015. This college readiness program at the University of Kentucky is managed by the Division of Undergraduate Education in partnership with the Council on Postsecondary Education’s GEAR UP Kentucky. Now in its second year, the three-week residential program called Summer Academy@UK prepares GEAR UP Kentucky (GUK) students (now rising sophomores and juniors) academically and personally for college – and not just any college. For some great photos and videos of past activities related to GUK at the University of Kentucky in 2013 and 2014, see the UGE Flickr albums.

The Academy@UK aims to prepare Kentuckians for success at the University of Kentucky. The instructors and staff of the Summer Academy@UK come from many different colleges and support units across the University and they work to:

  1. Introduce high schoolers to at least some parts of the four University of Kentucky Core Program learning outcomes.
  2. Offer digital badges that depict the particular skills and knowledge learned in each of the courses, and invite the colleges’ faculty leadership to explore the possibility of offering dual-credit courses or offer college credit (using a special by-pass examination) upon completion of all three summers’ work.

See more on this program at the UK Undergraduate Education website:

A Typical Week Day At Summer Academy@UK
7 a.m. Breakfast at The Commons
8 a.m. CORE classes in General Studies and in Arts & Creativity
11:30 a.m. Lunch
1 p.m. Electives and Library/Studio Time
5 p.m. Dinner at The Commons
7 p.m. Library (for Studio Time or Study Groups), and College Café; a Social Event in the Residence Hall
10 p.m. Lights out

The Summer Academy@UK schedule was organized by Matthew Deffendall (with his team in First Generation Initiatives), Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth (Assistant Provost in the Division of Undergraduate Education) and Dr. Laurie Henry, Associate Dean in the College of Education.


July 5 – Housing Orientation and Training for 2 Residential Advisors and 5 Residential Instructional Assistants, Woodland Glen II

July 6 – Summer Academy@UK Launch Breakfast (college leadership invited) and Instructor Orientation; Students and parents arrive and check in at Woodland Glen II; Welcome Session (see Dr. Ben Withers’ video presentation here, thanks to the staff in the Faculty Media Depot) and Overview of UK for the students and their families; Campus tours; Groups’ Banner Design session and ice cream social

July 7 – Campus Rec Tour and activities for students at Johnson Center; Orientation to Canvas for Instructors and Instructional Assistants; UK College Fair; Plenary Session for Students on Overview of Summer Academy and Academic Expectations including journaling via blogs; Circle Game; Café College

July 8 through 10 – Classes began; Games and Movies that Night; LinkBlueID activation and Account Profile Settings in Canvas completed; Classes conducted in first week:

  • General Studies Core (EDU sessions focusing on research, composition and visual literacy; COM sessions focusing on public speaking), Levels I and II – with instructors from the College of Education and the College of Communication & Information
  • Arts & Creativity Core (Creativity & the Art of Acting, Performing World Music, Introduction to Photographic Literacy), Levels I and II – with instructors from the College of Fine Arts
  • Problem-based Learning – with instructors from the College of Education
  • Special Collections Tour by the UK Libraries staff
  • Engineering and Autonomous Systems – with instructors from the College of Engineering
  • Following Our Food, Learning to Lead – with instructors from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Global Workplace Communications – with instructors from First Gen Initiatives, Undergraduate Education
  • Japanese Language and Culture – with instructors from the College of Education

July 10 – Lexington Legends Game in the evening

July 11 – FUSION community service event (students were split into teams to work at the STEAM Academy, God’s Pantry, Catholic Action Center, Lexington Farmers’ Market, International Book Project, Seadleaf, St. Agnes House, Bluegrass Greensource); Open Swim and Outdoor Rec or Library/Study Time; Taste of Our World feasting and dancing with international students  sponsored by the UK International Center


July 12 – Some went to church, some did laundry; open swim or study time; GEAR UP Academy@UK Summer Olympics

July 13 through 17– General Studies Core Levels I and II; Creativity & the Arts Core Levels I and II; Lunch & Learn at PresentationU!; Electives conducted in Week 2:

  • Turkish Language and Culture – with instructors from the College of Education
  • Problem-solving Using Tools of Science – with instructors from the Science Outreach Center in the College of Medicine
  • Design In Your World – with instructors from the College of Design
  • Scratch Programming – with instructors from the UK Healthcare Continuing Education IT unit
  • UK Special Collections Tour
  • Power of Blogs for Social Change – with instructors from the College of Education

July 17 – Lexington Gallery Hop; Dance Party

July 18 – Ecuador Exchange sponsored by the Center for English as a Second Language


July 20 through 23 – General Studies Core Levels I and II; Creativity & the Arts Core Levels I and II; Electives conducted in Week 3:

  • Arabic Language and Muslim Culture – with instructors from the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Marketing Me – with instructors from PresentationU! in Undergraduate Education
  • Video Production – with instructors from the Center for Enhancement for Learning & Teaching
  • Walk Across Kentucky – with instructors from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • History Comes Alive – with instructors from First Gen Initiatives in Undergraduate Education

In addition to Tuesday’s College Café session in the evening, Summer Academy@UK includes Trivia Night (Wednesday) and a Talent Show (Thursday).

July 24 – Project work and preparation for Showcase; Students going home with their families that evening pack to leave; Parent Workshop (GEAR UP KY programming); Reception for parents together with student presentations of their elective classes’ capstone projects; Dinner and Final Showcase sponsored by Enrollment Management

July 25 – Last of the students leave by bus for home

You can follow the goings-on of the Summer Academy@UK 2015 with Twitter – search on #GEARUPatUK. For more information, contact the Summer Academy@UK Co-Director Matthew Deffendall, Director of First Generations Initiatives in the Division of Undergraduate Education (

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Retention of Fall 2014 Graduating Cohort on Target to Meet Goal for Increase

This just in from Dr. Bethany Miller, Director of the Office of Retention & Student Success:

The latest Retention Update has been posted. The one-year retention rate of our Fall 2014 cohort students is currently 82.7%.  We continue to remain ahead of last year in the number (452) and percentage (0.4%) of cohort enrollments for fall.

Our overall retention goal for the Fall 2014 cohort is 83.1%, an increase of 1.0% from last year.  Our goal is within reach:  we need a net increase in enrollment of only 26 cohort students.  Please continue the excellent work and collaborations in reaching out to non-registered F14 cohort students.

For more details about individual colleges, see the Retention Update on the Student Success website.

Retention & Student Success header

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Call for Student Success Workshops – Collaborative Opportunity

In Fall 2015, as part of our upcoming First Year Experience “The Blueprint”, UK will offer Student Success Workshops to all new students. All students taking UK 101 (estimated at 2,500 students) will be required to attend at least one workshop; all other new students will be strongly encouraged to attend, although not required.

Promotion of these workshops will include a hard copy distributed at seeBlue. U. and an electronic copy distributed during K Week. Communications via Workshop Partners, UKPR, UKAT, Retention & Student Success will also promote the event.

Want to offer a Student Success Workshop for your college or department? The Office of Student Success will be accepting Workshop topics until June 15th.  If your college/area is interested in submitting a workshop, please contact Larissa McLaughlin, Student Success Project Manager.

Workshops are free – with no cost to the student – and should be approximately an hour in length. The venue for your proposed Workshop should accommodate 30 students. Attendance will be tracked using UK’s Tally Cats (card swipe) system, so encourage your students to bring their ID cards when they attend. It is recommended that the majority of workshops be offered between the fourth and tenth week of the semester (September 21 – November 6). Students enrolled in UK101 who wait until the end of the course to complete the requirement could cause a potential rush, so some UK 101 instructors can require their students to complete earlier in the semester.

The Student Success Workshop partners in the first meeting to organize these new opportunities for UK’s first-year students were:

  • Academic and Career Exploratory Advising (including Career Center and Undergraduate Studies)
  • Counseling Center
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Education Abroad
  • Financial Ombud
  • First Generation Initiatives (including Robinson Scholars)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
  • Office of Retention & Student Success
  • Office of Student Involvement
  • Student Health
  • Student Support Services
  • Substance Education & Responsibility
  • Transformative Learning (including Academic Enhancement, CNP and Presentation U!)
  • Writing Center

For more information on the first meeting regarding the Student Success Workshops, see the notes from the April 30th Student Success Update 

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