Spring 2016 Mid-Term Grading Window is Open For Instructors to Submit until Midnight, 11 March

This just in from Sean Cooper, Senior Associate Registrar, Enrollment Management:

The window for mid-term grading has opened and will remain open until 11:59pm, Friday, 11 March, however, technical assistance will only be available until 4:30pm on the 11th.  Per University Senate rule (6.1.3), all undergraduate students are to receive midterm grades submitted via your myUK grading roster (grades can be uploaded from BlackBoard and Canvas).  Instructors may not enter an “I” grade as a mid-term grade.  The purpose of this exercise is to identify students who are at risk, so University faculty and staff need accurate information that reports students’ progress to-date.  Students have until 01 April to drop classes for this semester.  Advisors need the time between 11 March and 01 April to contact students and arrange any necessary interventions.

***If a student has never attended class and has not participated in any academic-related activity for the course, an “N” grade should be submitted.***

The following are the only exceptions to the submission of mid-term grades:

  • If you are teaching a part-of-term course that ends on or prior to 11 March, then you do not need to report mid-term grades for that class.  Your final grading window has opened or will be open by 06 March.
  • If you are teaching a part-of-term course that will start after 11 March, then your course has not begun and therefore mid-term grades are not required for the class.
  • If you are teaching a 400G or 500 level course and there are no undergraduate students in your class, then you do not need to report mid-term grades for this class.  Only undergraduate students are required to have mid-term grades assigned.

Help and guidance:

And, don’t forget to recommend the right student support for those students who are struggling – check out the list of resources at the Office of Student Success website.

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