Instructors Need to Get Final Grades In No Later than Monday, 21 December

This just in from Don Witt, Director of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar:

Grades must be submitted for all students by the University Senate’s deadline (Senate Rule 5.1.6) of Monday, 21 December. The final grading window is open as of today and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on December 21st.

Important processes such as degree conferral, end-of-term progression (i.e., GPA, classification, academic standing and honors updates), eligibility for financial aid and course prerequisite checks rely on timely grade entry.  Delinquent grades can negatively impact students. [Editor’s note: … and that will negatively impact our shared goals for improving UK’s retention and graduation rates!]

Help and guidance:

  • Assistance with access to your course in the grading portal, Click here for your college contact with access to the part in MyUK where you can post grades.
  • Assistance transferring your grades from BlackBoard or Canvas to the grading portal, email the UKIT Help Desk at or call 859.218.4357.
  • For MyUK grade entry and grade change procedural documents, Click here.
  • For all other questions regarding grade entry, send an email to Sean Cooper
  • Remember: If a student has NEVER attended class and has not participated in any academic-related activity for the course, please submit an “N” grade.
  • If you are not sure about who can get access to student information, including grades, please review the FERPA/Privacy information at

About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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