Wait-lists and Overrides for Lower Level Math Classes

Russell Brown

Dr. Russell Brown, Math Dept Chair

This just in from Dr. Russell Brown, Chair of the Math Department:

We expect to continue to not use wait-lists on our lower level math courses. We feel that the convenience of wait-lists during registration is outweighed by the chaos that results when students are purged.

Students should attempt to register as seats are added and when students drop. Students who are not able to find a class at a suitable time should attend our override parties at the start of the semester for a capacity override. [NOTE: Capacity overrides were permitted up til September 1st.]

All requests for prerequisite overrides must go through our web form at http://math.as.uky.edu/override-form.  Requests for capacity overrides submitted through the web form will be denied.

Our override policy is described at

A student who is unable to register and uncertain as to the type of override needed should contact Professor Serge Ochanine, POT 837, serge.ochanine@uky.edu or call (859) 257-8837 for more guidance.


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