What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Undergraduate Council & UK Core

Two important University-wide faculty governance responsibilities reside in the Division of Undergraduate Education and are overseen by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education:

UK Core Program & the UKCEC

The UK Core Program is finishing up the fourth academic year of implementation, and broad faculty involvement across all colleges serving undergraduates has been critical to its success. UK’s general education program is overseen by the UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC) that assures that course offerings address all four student learning outcomes. All courses each semester require students to upload an assignment for assessment purposes via their course in the MyUK portal.

Chris Thuringer

Dr. Chris Thuringer, Assistant Provost for Program Assessment and Planning

The Division of Undergraduate Education and UKCEC oversee the program evaluation process which by this point has included all of the ten content areas. Dr. Chris Thuringer, Assistant Provost for Program Assessment and Planning in the Division of Undergraduate Education, serves as the coordinator of these processes. See more information on the UK Core website: http://www.uky.edu/ukcore/Evaluation_Data.

UK Core Experimental Courses Offered 2014-15

UK Core Program Content Area UKC Course Name UK Department (College)
Inquiry – Arts & Creativity Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
Lens Art
BioArt: Creativity, Experimentation and Methodology in Art and Science
Art&VS (FA)
Art&VS (FA) + Biology (A&S)
Inquiry – Humanities Facebook Social Media
Arches to Engines: A History of Tech
Global Shakespeare
History (A&S)
English (A&S)
Inquiry – Social Sciences Public Health and Nutrition, 21st Century
Historic Preservation: How the Past Informs the Future
Nursing (NUR)
HP (Design)
U.S. Citizenship Rhetorics of Citizenship
Food Ethics
Info Communication Technology in Society
Phil (A&S)

UK Core Courses Proposed 2014-15

UK Core Content Area College Under Review Approved as of Spr’15
Statistical Inferential Reasoning EDU
EPE 557
MNG 335
Inquiry – Humanities A&S HIS 109, HIS 112, PHI 260, PHI 270, PHI 317, PHI 380, WRD 210 AIS 328, HIS 254
Inquiry – Natural Sciences A&S EES 180
Citizenship – U.S. Citizenship C&I
COM 315
CPH 442
PHI 205, PHI 334, PHI 340, WRD 422
Citizenship – Global Dynamics FA
A-H 304
HIS 104, HIS 191, HIS 254, ITA 335, SPA 111
ICT 205
MAT 247
AIS 330


Undergraduate Council

The Undergraduate Council is a standing committee of the University Senate. This year, under the leadership of UGE Assistant Provost Karen Badger, the Undergraduate Council has been working with UKCEC, Graduate Council and Senate Council to reduce the amount of time it takes for a proposal to move through the review/approval process.

The UGC has found that the most common issues that faculty encounter with problem proposals are that they are missing required items that can be found in the UK Syllabus Template, and that students learning outcomes may be missing or written in ways that show they are not measurable. A consultation with CELT staff will help strengthen a course or program proposal – visit their website: www.uky.edu/CELT.


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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