What’s going on in Undergraduate Education – Retention & Student Success

Bethany Miller

Dr. Bethany Miller, Director of Retention and Student Success

The Office of Retention and Student Success has continued to show a great impact on the University-wide efforts for improving retention and graduation rates. This unit in the Division of Undergraduate Education is led by Dr. Bethany Miller.

The recent increases in student success at UK reflect the collaborative, campus-wide approach Dr. Miller has undertaken to monitor early alerts, midterm grades, financial balances, pre-registrations and more. Outreach efforts to individual students combine with strategic efforts targeting those students who are showing they are at-risk of dropping out but also have strong indicators for success at UK (the “700” initiative).

Workgroups affiliated with Retention & Student SuccessThese efforts are led by the Office of Retention and Student Success in partnership with many central units who are represented in the Campus Retention Advisory Committee (CRAC) – now known as the Committee on Student Success. This committee meets regularly to advise University leadership in the design, implementation and assessment of UK’s student success initiatives.

There are several other, smaller teams working on strategic efforts to improve student retention and graduation rates.

  • Student Success Intervention Team
  • College Retention Committees
  • HANA/Tableau Community of Practice
  • Financial Wellness Advisory Board
  • Research Consortium on Student Success

These groups also communicate regularly with Dr. Miller. These communications support the campus-wide Retention Updates produced weekly by the Retention & Student Success office.

For more information, see the Student Success website on “Rethinking Retention.”



About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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