Undergraduate Scholars Showcase – 3-6 pm April 29 – come show your support!

Come over to the Student Center Ballroom to show your support for our undergrads who are showing the results of their research tomorrow in the 9th annual Undergraduate Scholars Showcase. We invite all faculty, instructors and professional staff to take a role in tomorrow’s wonderful events, even just as visitors to the event. Rather than just wandering by to watch all the terrific events, think about how you might help make the event even better for the students by showing your support? Think about how you might interact with these excited (and nervous) students about their research and the kinds of questions you might ask ask as you look at their posters?

Since not everyone may have gotten a chance to talk to many visitors, you might come ready to ask as many of the poster presenters as possible at least one or two questions while showing a positive interest in their responses.  (We’re thinking this is kind of like the “Granny” who, according to the great educator Sugata Mitra of Newcastle University, is not necessarily a subject matter expert but serves a critical component to supporting active learning and creative performances by self-motivated students.) Here’s some example questions that we think would be very supportive:

  • What led you to want to research this particular topic?
  • What about the process of the research or writing up the findings did you enjoy the most?
  • As you did your research, what surprised you the most about this topic?
  • What was your greatest difficulty or toughest challenge about doing the research for this project? biggest obstacles? most important factor in its success?

Keep in mind that some few of the student presenters are minors and currently are high school students. So it’s important that we are careful about expectations and keep any personal questions (about their family or age) out of your conversations.

Here’s what our UK students have to say about the event:

Please come and show your support by giving positive feedback. Help the students feel confident about their work and the extra step they took to try out what it takes to create and defend a scholarly publication.

See more about the students and the Showcase at the UKnow article by Jenny Wells, UKPR: “UK Undergraduates to Present Research at 2015 Showcase.”


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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