Two student leaders coordinating next fall’s K-Week come from eastern Kentucky and UGE

UKPR recently uploaded a video, “UK’s 2015 K Crew Coordinators” featuring two students from eastern Kentucky who are taking a leadership role in coordinating the K-Week 2015 events and the K-Crews: Kaci Smith and Martin Jones.

Smith is from Bell County – she had started out at UK in UGE’s Undergraduate Studies and now is excelling as a major in the College of Education focusing in Secondary Ed – English Education. She is very gifted academically, however as you can hear from her in the interview, she was thinking she wouldn’t return to UK after her first semester. She did come back and got involved. Smith provides a powerful role model for many new students who are not sure if they can make it through to graduation, and she gives us all a valuable insight on what it takes to succeed at UK.

Jones is from Corbin. He came to UK with some college courses (from the Dual Credit program at Eastern KY University) already under his belt and made it through the competitive process to be admitted into the UK Honors Program. He has now found his academic home in the Gatton College of Business & Economics as an Economics major and he is also pursuing an English minor in the College of Arts & Sciences. He states in his interview that it was his K-Crew leader who provided that important first semester’s connection into student life at UK. He’s taking on this leadership role to make sure others new to UK will gain from this important type of social “glue” that helps make UK a good fit for them.

Congratulations to these great students for taking on this leadership role in making K-Week a success ~ and we hope that the UK community will review their contributions to the K-Week 2015 programming with the understanding that this is a crucial time for retaining our new students in the long-term and helping to make sure they graduate on time.



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