UK Wildcat Cost Calculator – a new tool to help build our students’ financial literacy skills

See Blue.UDon Witt, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, recently announced the release of a new open, online tool to help our students, their families and us as their champions for student success at UK.

How much does it cost for any one student to attend UK? This is what the new tool is helping us all to understand in one step – rather than try and combine the information from the different charts of tuition and fees that typically show up on your students’ UK account statements. This first iteration of the new “UK Wildcat Cost Calculator” – – is geared toward the prospective undergraduate who would be identified as first-time attending UK.

First, the prospective student needs to answer the defining questions on the left-hand column of the page:

  • Semester: Which semester would you like to calculate for?
  • Residency: Do you live in or out of state?
  • Credit Hours: Will You Enroll Part-time or Full-time? (Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more per semester are considered full-time.)
  • Housing: Will you be living on campus? (If you will not be living on campus, this calculator will estimate rental housing expenses.) Do you plan on having a roomate? Which hall do you intend on living in?
  • Meals: Do you plan to choose an on-campus Dining Plan? (If you do not choose an on-campus dining plan, estimated food and grocery expenses will be calculated.) Which Meal Plan do you plan to purchase?

Example of a Wildcat Cost Calculator for Prospective StudentsHere’s an example (to the right – click on the image to make it larger) of the Wildcat Cost Calculator results for a student who answered the following: Fall semester, Kentucky residency, Full-time enrollment, On-Campus Housing with a roommate in Blanding, Meal Plan of “Minimum 7.”

There are a few caveats listed underneath the calculator that should be highlighted to students as you walk through it with them. The heavy cost of textbooks and required materials that are chosen by the faculty of each class are not a part of the cost indicated here – even though these costs can be found in the student view of the schedule of classes when they register. The additional program or course fees that colleges and departments charge students above and beyond the University-wide fees will not show up on the course calculator results. So you will need to refer to the 23-page .pdf file chart (yes, that many pages and with tiny font size).

This summer the Office of Enrollment Management will be evaluating the calculator and adding functionality to support the kinds of questions for continuing, transfer, international, graduate, and professional students. If you have questions or if you have new insights about the calculator as you work with your students to use it, you can contact JoLynn Noe, Alex Mackey, or Tyler Gayheart in Enrollment Management.


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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