Using Data-Driven Decisions to Support Student Success at the University of Kentucky

Super User in costumeDo you know who your HANA/Tableau Super User is?

Each college at UK has designated at least one individual to serve as its HANA/Tableau Super User.  The Super User is your go-to person for both your college’s student success information and how your college’s offerings impact the University’s retention and graduation rates.

Talk to your Super User about what data are needed on a regular basis to do your job, and for you and your colleagues to progress toward student success goals.  (For an introduction to HANA and Tableau, download these slides used in the Tableau Open Lab Beginner session.) New workbooks are regularly developed by the data scientists in UK’s Institutional Research & Advanced Analytics in partnership with the HANA/Tableau Super Users.

Last week during the HANA/Tableau Open Lab, Craig Rudick introduced a new workbook called “Specializations Headcount.” Some of the questions that can be answered using this workbook are:

  • How many students are in my department’s major(s)? How many students in the minor? Who is enrolled in certificate programs?
  • Are all of our students showing up properly for primary (vs. secondary) majors? Which ones are missing some key data fields that might make reporting go awry?
  • Is the number of students in that HANA/Tableau workbook the same number of students that we are showing in our advising/retention rosters for our major? If not, why is there a difference?
  • Are our faculty directors in specialized or interdisciplinary programs aware of their impact on the various majors over time? Are there trends in major/minor pairings that students have started to choose (or groups of majors clustered in selected undergraduate certificates) that might engender discussions about curriculum reform or policy development?

As a UK faculty or staff person committed to supporting our students’ success, you can find this workbook in the “Student Reports” project on the UK Tableau Server. If you do not have an account, you can request one at For more information about Tableau Server, download the Tableau Server 101 handbook.


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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