UGE Reading for the Week – Jobs for Graduates in Humanities and Arts

Reading for the Week from UGE Weekly Update by Dr. Withers:

Inside Higher Ed published an article late last week “Jobs for Humanities, Arts Grads” which summarizes two recent reports. One study, by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, found that “the annual median salary for humanities bachelor’s degree holders was $51,000, below the median$56,000for all workers whose highest level of education was a bachelor’s degree, but well above that of workers who had less than a bachelor’s degree$35,000.” (See the chart below showing media annual earnings for full-time workers with baccalaureate degrees in selected academic fields – exposing also the different salaries negotiated for men and women in the workplace.)

Chart showing undergraduate degrees and salaries

2012 Median annual earnings of full-time workers with bachelor’s degrees for selected fields, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

SNAAP logoThe second study was prepared by Indiana University’s Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP). This report “also showed generally positive signs for recent graduates of arts departments, who largely reported feeling prepared to continue in advanced degree programs, able to find work related to their field of study, and satisfied with their jobs.” SNAAP results indicated that older alumni do not feel as strongly as more recent grads that college taught career-related skill in networking and financial management. “Sixty-four percent of recent grads were in jobs they described as either ‘very relevant’ or ‘relevant’ to their educational training, which is similar to or better than the rates for their peers in other fields…”



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