Kris Kimel on IdeaFestival, Sept 16 at 4 pm, lobby of Central Residence Hall II

Stay CuriousThis just in from Dr. Phil Kraemer, Chellgren Chair:

Colleagues. It is that time of year again when we anticipate one of the most intellectually engaging events available to active minds in Kentucky: the annual IdeaFestival, held in Louisiville, KY, October 1 – 3 (click here for this year’s agenda).

Kris Kimel

Kris Kimel, founder of Idea Festival

To get a better sense of the value of IdeaFestival for faculty, students, and staff here at UK, we have invited IdeaFestival founder Kris Kimel to brief us on this year’s agenda. Diane Snow, interim Director of the Honors Program and Director of Undergraduate Research, and I cordially invite all to attend this briefing to be held September 16 at 4:00 pm in the lobby of Central Residence Hall II, located on University Drive across from the W. T. Young Library.

All those interested are invited. This year we will be taking over 70 UK students to IdeaFestival.

UK Colleagues who have attended IdeaFestival in the past will attest that it affords a unique opportunity to engage creative ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking across all fields. We hope you are able to come to the briefing to hear about this year’s exciting slate of speakers.

Phil Kraemer
Chellgren Chair for Undergraduate Excellence &
Professor of Psychology
University of Kentucky



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