Two New General Chemistry Courses – assist students struggling with CHE 105

Stephen Testa

Dr. Stephen Testa

From Dr. Stephen Testa of the UK Chemistry Department:

There are students who need CHE 105 for their majors – and who qualify to take CHE 105 – but who struggle with the material. Therefore, the Chemistry Department is offering two new general chemistry courses, CHE 109 and CHE 110, which together serve as a direct replacement for CHE 105.

CHE 109 will be offered in fall semesters and CHE 110 in spring semesters. CHE 109 and CHE 110 (together) will cover the same material as CHE 105, but will give the students twice the time to learn the material, thereby allowing for time and instruction to overcome background deficiencies.


  • CHE 109: Math ACT of 23 or above; or math placement test; or MA 109; or the KCTCS course CHM 100 or CHE 102R. These are the same prerequisites as for CHE 105.
  • CHE 110: CHE 109 with a grade of C or better, or CHE 104 with a grade of C or better.
  • CHE 111: Prerequisite or corequisite of CHE 110. A student cannot take CHE 109 and CHE 111 at the same time, as material in the CHE 110 lectures is required for the second half of the CHE 111 labs.

General Education Credit

In order for this sequence to count towards general education credit (UKCore), students must take all three courses: CHE 109, CHE 110, and CHE 111.

Course Capacity

Sixty seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis through regular registration, and sixty seats will be reserved for CHE 105 drop-down students after the first CHE 105 exam.

Please contact Professor Stephen Testa with any questions at:


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