GUK Summer Academy@UK 2014 – Visualization and 3D Fabrication

Derek Eggers and GEAR UP KY students in King Library computer lab

Google+ Story featuring photos by Marty Henton, College of Fine Arts

Andy McDonald (The Hive in the College of Arts & Sciences), Kara Hill (Ricoh USA) and Derek Eggers (CELT) collaborated this summer to create a course for rising sophomores in the GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK. In “Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies,” students learned how to collect, fuse, analyze, visual and present artifacts and data graphically on-screen, including printing of 3D artifacts using digital fabrication technologies common to desktop manufacturing processes used in business and industry.

The course covered visual representation, including printing of 3D artifacts at skill levels appropriate for high-school students. Course module topics included:

  1. Overview and examples of collecting, analyzing and visualizing data for research and communication.
  2. Download and install required applications. Exploratory “Play Time” with the technology.
  3. Identifying, locating, and collecting data – using the open Internet, public data sources, and mobile devices.
  4. Visualization and Presentation of 2D and 3D Data and artifacts using Google Charts, Graphs and other Graphics tools.
  5. Construction and presentation of 3-Dimensional Objects, Environments and GEO-Spatial Data using SketchUp-Pro, Google Earth, other web based apps.
  6. Digitizing, Creating, Editing, and Representing 3D Artifacts: Using Autodesk123D apps and 3D Printing Technologies.
  7. Final Project: Using the tools and skills developed to make a persuasive presentation including editing, and hosting online.

By the end of the ITIQ Digital Design and Fabrication course successful students can:

  • Identify safety procedures for using digital fabrication equipment
  • Describe the Maker Movement and major terms associated with the movement
  • Scan 2-dimensional (2D) art for use in digital design and fabrication processes.
  • Scan 3-dimensional (3D) objects for use in digital design and fabrication processes.
  • Utilize 2D and 3D design software to specify images and objects for digital fabrication
  • Prepare a 3D design for fabrication using post-processing applications.
  • Prepare a 2D design for fabrication
  • Identify common materials used in low-cost 3D printing devices
  • Identify common materials used in “desktop” fabrication technologies.
  • Establish an account with an online fabrication service bureau
  • Prepare, upload and specify objects to be fabricated by a service bureau

Summarized to 3-4 key Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe and discuss the origins, individuals, organizations, software, hardware, and processes common to digital desktop design and manufacturing associated with the Maker-Movement.
  • Create and post-process 2D and 3D designs appropriate for desktop manufacturing including scanning, designing, 3D modeling, and editing.
  • Identify, describe, and safely use digital fabrication technologies common to desktop manufacturing processes used in schools, businesses, and community groups.

digital badge for 3D printing courseSeventeen GEAR UP KY students successfully earned their digital badges for this course.



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