GEAR UP KY Academy@UK Students Learning to Think Like Global Citizens

How do you greet a friend or acquaintance who is celebrating Ramadan this month? “May you have a peaceful Ramadan” is very appropriate – or you can offer your good wishes in Arabic.common greetings for Ramadan in Arabic

This week, in partnership with the UK International Center and the Department of Modern & Classical Languages in the College of Arts & Sciences, the GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy@UK focuses on Arabic languages and Muslim cultures.

The Summer Academy@UK is now in its second week (of three), and the students are learning to thinking like global citizens – an important skill for all of us, but especially those who wish to graduate with a degree from the University of Kentucky. Last week, the students learned how to count in Russian – and they watched a slapstick comedy in Russian with English subtitles. On Saturday, they watched a game or two of the World Cup with a group of UK international students from Brazil! The students reported that though not many could speak English, but they all enjoyed seeing a soccer game from a Brazilian perspective. One of the four student learning outcomes for the University’s general education program, UK Core, focuses on this: “Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of citizenship and the process for making informed choices as engaged citizens in a diverse, multilingual world.”

For more information about what’s going on with the Summer Academy@UK, follow the UKUGEd Twitter stream or by searching on #GEARUPatUK – the students and the student development advisors are chronicling the many different classes and co-curricular activities.



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