Major Advising Pages (MAPs) and Curriculum Integration of Courses Taken During Education Abroad

This just in from a newsletter received from Education Abroad.

Many students will be embarking on their education abroad programs in the next weeks… We hope to aid faculty and advisors in assisting students by providing information and updates concerning the process of curriculum integration at UK. Curriculum integration seeks to remove barriers between UK curriculum and that of institutions abroad by encouraging students to complete programs that are deemed academically appropriate by UK advisors and faculty.


Major Advising Pages (MAPs) are vetted by advisors and faculty in each college and are listed on the Education Abroad: See for example, the MAP for the UK Honors Program (download the .pdf file here). It lists those partner universities and Education Abroad programs that offer courses that fit best within the requirements or international experiences that best enhance the UK Honors Program.

If a UK department does not yet have MAPs for their programs, they are encouraged to contact the Education Abroad staff.


In addition to MAPs, Education Abroad is building EA Pathways in partnership with academic units. See for example, the Pathway for the Environmental & Sustainability Studies program in the College of Arts & Sciences. This pathway document shows a four-year plan enhanced by international study as a sample to show students what is possible.

For some programs, the faculty may want to encourage students to study abroad during a summer or winter intersession rather than during the traditional fall or spring terms. The EA Pathway can help guide students in making the best choices as they plan out their academic careers.

EA 101 Video to Embed in Your Website or Show in Orientations

Check out the interactive video developed by EA Peer Ambassadors that serves as an introduction to education abroad. You can refer students to this useful 11-minute video ( when you are setting up a meeting or following up after a conversation about studying in international settings. It offers some good questions for students to think about and pauses to let watchers jot down notes for future discussions with their advisors.


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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