Campus Retention Workgroup connects the dots – focusing in on high priority retention strategies

Retention and Student Success InfrastructureThe University of Kentucky’s Campus Retention Workgroup, led by UK Director of Retention Bethany Miller, has been meeting to identify certain retention activities to expand and implement this coming fall. Each of the colleges’ own retention strategies has been identified and folded into the designs for the new retention dashboards for the new HANA system for data analytics. You can find more information on the Student Success website:

Connecting these issues also to the University’s new Strategic Plan is crucial, and the work the Workgroup is doing will provide the kinds of information and advice needed for effective implementation strategies at both the local level as well as in pan-college efforts. On the Student Success website you’ll find a list of some Frequently Asked Questions about retention:

As representatives of their colleges and support units, the members of this important group serve not only as the appointed liaisons between the University-wide efforts and their respective areas, but also as members of a “think tank” to help vet new ideas. Great ideas come from various areas of the University, and this group recommends whether or how best they are implemented and supported at the University-wide levels. Check the list of members to find your representative on the Campus Retention Workgroup. The work the members of the Campus Retention Workgroup helps us keep the University’s Strategic Plan and the tactics working at the grassroots level and across units.


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