GUK3.0 Academy@UK – A College Readiness Initiative

GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy @UK logoThe Division of Undergraduate Education is working in partnership with many colleges and units on campus and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) GEAR UP KY (GUK) office to offer in 2014 a summer academic program called GUK3.0 Academy@UK. This 3-week residential transition-to-college program is for Kentucky students enrolled in the CPE’s GUK program which started officially in Fall 2012 with targeted schools and selected 8th graders from all over Kentucky — see the schools listed on the GUK website. This summer UK will be hosting selected GUK students who will be rising 10th graders. The program is free to the students, and the Summer Academy@UK is funded by the participating colleges and units here at UK along with a 1:1 match from CPE. We have the option to continue in the grant with CPE to offer an academy to the same cohort (as well as new cohorts) for Summer 2015 and Summer 2016.

Most all of the 85 students coming to UK this summer (June 22 through July 12, 2014) are from underserved populations, minority and/or low socio-economic status and they typically are from families where few if any have ever gone to college. These students are not those who are identified as “gifted/talented,” but nonetheless have earned a good EPAS score, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have no major disciplinary issues. They are certainly “college material” and could shine if given a chance.

The overarching goals for the Academy@UK is to prepare these rising 10th graders academically and personally for college by:

  1. Introduce them to UK Core Program student learning outcomes; and,
  2. Offer dual credit opportunities, if possible.

The Academy@UK has two parts:

  • College Cafe – this part is led by the GEAR UP Kentucky staff who live here on campus with the youth; this co-curricular component focuses on an orientation to college, including residential hall programming (in Blanding IV where they are living) and on-campus walk-abouts
  • GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy@UK

    Digital badge for the General Studies Core

    A wide array of academic-oriented courses offered from 8 am – 5 pm every week day by UK faculty and teaching staff; the student learning outcomes are connected to the UK Core Program and successful completers will earn digital badges that are certified by UK faculty and archived in the Purdue Passport system (that connects with the Mozilla Backpack).

The UK faculty and staff are working together across colleges and support units to offer the following curriculum.

General Studies Core

(all students participate)
In the first week, students focus their Internet-based research on a topic of their choice; learn digital citizenship and digital media basics including blogging, copyright/IP, GoogleDocs and Google+ Hangouts, and universal design. Hands-on activities will also include the visual study and creation of art.The focus of the second week engages students in independent or small group research on their selected topic(s) and the development of an argumentative essay. Students will be introduced to web publishing tools including basic HTML and CSS, and information searching strategies using UK’s online library resources, Google, and other search engines.

In the third week students develop digital video Public Service Announcements (PSAs) related to their selected topics. Hands-on activities also include the visual study of artifacts at UK Arts in HealthCare (Albert B. Chandler Hospital). Other capstone projects may include public speeches. Invited guests will judge the final projects at the Friday Night Showcase; parents will be invited to dinner and to celebrate the final event of the Academy together.

Focus Area Curriculum

(students apply to participate in these)

Intellectual Inquiry in the Arts & Creativity — introductory components from courses approved for the UK Core Program:

  • Performing World Music (components of MUS130)
  • Creativity and the Art of Acting (components of TA120)
  • Visual Art (components of A-S 280)

Global Citizenship — a series of learning experiences focusing on basic languages and cultures from around the globe, including intercultural simulations, cooking, field trips and theme-based film festivals. A certificate will be awarded if a student completes all 3:

  • Week 1: Let’s Publish in Russian
  • Week 2: Arabic Languages and Muslim Cultures
  • Week 3: Japanese Language and Culture

Business & Economics — experiential education in leadership, business disciplines, and global economy
College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s “Following our Food, Learning to Lead” — develop leadership skills in settings related to agriculture, food and environment with field trips
ITIQ Digital Design & Fabrication — create 2D and 3D designs for manufacturing using laser cutter/engraver and 3D printers
ITIQ Remix Audio/Video — assemble multiple tracks of audio as well as capture and edit video
AquaBots Engineering — design and construct an robot to float on and below water, design a controller, and create a program using mathematics to attempt various challenges
Problem-solving Utilizing the Tools of Science — interactive lessons on the four systems of the body, and interacting as teams with equipment and biological models in hands-on activities in chemistry, physics, math and deduction/reasoning to reach solutions.

By the end of the Summer 2014 3-week residential experience, the students will demonstrate:

  • increased college readiness by using written, oral and visual communication skills to produce and present original research-based projects;
  • an increase in the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in college and the workforce such as practicing self-discipline, inclusivity, and civic engagement.
  • appropriate social behavior and self-awareness and be able to express confidence in their ability to succeed in college and navigate the complexities of campus life.

Thank you to all who are making Academy@UK a success!

College of Agriculture, Food & Environment
Dr. Larry Grabau
Jason Headrick

College of Arts & Sciences
Maher Al-khateeb
Cheyenne Hohman
Scott Horn
Neena Khanna
Andy McDonald
Damarias Moore
Dr. Jeanmarie Willoughby-Rouhier
Nicole Sand
Anna Voskresensky

College of Business & Economics
Matthew Anderkin
Dr. Scott Kelley

College of Communication & Information
Allyson DeVito
Rachel Steckler

College of Education
Dr. Laurie Henry
Dr. Christina Munson
Dr. Eve Proffitt

College of Engineering
Dr. Bruce Walcott

College of Fine Arts
Rob Dickes
Beth Ettensohn
Deborah Borrowdale-Cox
Marty Henton
Matthew Johnson
Erin Walker-Bliss

College of Medicine’s Science Outreach Center
Dr. Don Frazier
Margaret McConnell

Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
Dr. Derek Eggers
Cara Worick

International Center
Yasuka Miura
Karen Slaymaker

Division of Student Affairs
Dana Walton-Macauley
Dr. Robert Mock
Therese Smith

UK Libraries
Dr. Stacey Greenwell
Sarah Vaughn

….. and a special thanks to Stephen Barnett in the Office of Enrollment Management and Don Witt, University Registrar and Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, for making the Final Showcase Event and Dinner so special!

Contact Randolph Hollingsworth, Division of Undergraduate Education, for more information.


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Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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