International Student and Scholars Services (ISSS) workshops this fall

group of international studentsHave you wondered whether working with international undergraduate students is different from working with students who have been living in the US all their lives? There are many assumptions we bring with us as educators that need to be explored – and The International Student and Scholars Services (ISSS), in the UK International Center, is here to help.

Elizabeth Leibach

Elizabeth Leibach, ISSS

Elizabeth Leibach is the director of the ISSS, a student support unit that provides leadership and expertise in the advising and immigration needs of UK’s international students, international faculty and staff, and exchange visitors. Leibach invites professional staff and faculty advisors to find out more about this unique population of students. She earlier explained to a UKPR reporter: “We want to provide the knowledge and resources that will equip academic advisors in meeting the unique needs of international students.”

The three Brown Bag Lunch Workshops (free and open to the public) are:

Wednesday, Sept. 25: ISSS Forms Review
This workshop will review what academic advisors need to know about immigration regulations, and the forms they need to sign on behalf of international students (e.g. reduced course load, program extensions, employment/practical training).

Wednesday, Oct. 30: Withdrawals, Probation, Suspension, and Bankruptcy
This workshop will discuss the impact of specific academic policies on international student success. It will also discuss how policies and practices coincide with immigration reporting deadlines and its impact on international student retention.

Wednesday, Dec. 4: Admission and Placement Testing for International Students
This workshop is designed to be a discussion among advisors regarding the current practices and strategies used to place international students in developmental coursework. A report from a member of the International Student Task Force will seek suggestions for clarifying the admission and placement of international students.

ISSS administers university compliance with evolving federal regulations, supports the university and its medical center by managing global student and scholar interactions, and facilitates the well-being of all international students, faculty, staff and scholars. For more information, contact Elizabeth Leibach, director of ISSS, at


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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