UK Creed

Palli photo

Roshan Palli

Roshan Palli, the Student Government Association President, is getting the word out about the new University of Kentucky Creed.  He recently attended a meeting of the Staff Senate to ask that they help.

On March 19th the Board of Trustees adopted the UK Creed:

As a Wildcat,

I promise to strive for academic excellence and freedom by promoting an environment of creativity and discovery.

I promise to pursue all endeavors with integrity and compete with honesty.

I promise to embrace diversity and inclusion and to respect the dignity and humanity of others.

I promise to contribute to my University and community through leadership and service.

I promise to fulfill my commitments and remain accountable to others.

We believe in the University of Kentucky and will forever honor our alma mater.

Bilas photo

Stephen Bilas

Last year, UK President Eli Capilouto asked SGA President Stephen Bilas to lead a 17-member committee to create a statement of the University’s commonly held beliefs. The University Creed Committee included Stephen Bilas, SGA president; Mary Katherine Kington, SGA vice president; Chris Crumrine, University Relations; Rhonda Strouse, Student Affairs; Laura Skillman, Agricultural Communications; Kelly Holland, Board of Trustees; Becky Jordan, Dean of Students Office; Terry Birdwhistell, Libraries; Frank Walker, Department of English; David Melanson, College of Pharmacy; Hamzah Khan, student leader; Ann Dickson, student leader; Justin Penny, student leader; Kelley Bozeman, UK Marketing; Katy Bennett, UK Marketing; Nathan  Schwake, UK Athletics; and Kelli Elam, Alumni Association.

Other Kentucky schools have similar creeds, for example, Kentucky State University’s Thorobred Creed and Western Kentucky University’s Western Creed.

It’s exciting to see the leadership taken by UK student government in this effort, and the new UK Creed meshes well with the University’s overall mission statement. How do you feel the new creed relates to the University’s academic principles as articulated by the faculty, i.e., the UK CORE learning outcomes for all undergraduate degree-holders — and those outcomes expected of graduates of the University’s professional and graduate schools?  Do you think the University’s Faculty Senate should contribute in future discussions about this formal statement of beliefs of the University’s students adopted by the Board of Trustees?


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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