Two academic advisors leaving Undergraduate Education

With grateful hearts — and a standing ovation, please.  Two terrific professional staff are leaving Undergraduate Education: Kelly Green Crume of Undergraduate Studies (and coordinator of the UK National Student Exchange Program), and Kelli Hutchens of First Generation Initiatives.

Kelly Crume

Kelly Green Crume

As of June 26th, Kelly Green Crume, who has been a member of the professional academic advisors in Undergraduate Studies since January 2001, will be leaving UK.  Before coming to UK, she worked at Midway College where her positions included Assistant Director of Admission and Director of Student Development. Crume recently co-wrote a white paper on the UK National Student Exchange Program which gives a good summary of the history and tremendous impact on student success this program has had over the years.

In recognition of her hard work on building up this program while working only part-time as an academic advisor, in 2008 she was assigned as the UK NSE Coordinator as her sole responsibilities. Crume had always  taken on more than her fair share of committee work in Undergraduate Studies and for University-wide events. In Undergraduate Studies, she has coordinated the part-time advisors’ schedule; organized K-Week Welcome Events; served as a liaison to numerous partners, including the UKIT Student Lifecycle Management Advisory Group and The Study; and, she served on the USP Exceptions Committee. Crume represented UK regularly at regional and national advising conferences and also served as Chair of the UK Advising Network in 2005.

Kelli Hutchens

Kelli Hutchens

Kelli Hutchens provided tremendous leadership in the First Generation Initiatives’ Living Learning Community (1G LLC) in Blanding III (see UKnow article featuring Hutchens here). The Provost (Dr. Kumble Subbaswamy) had provided $30,000 to renovate the basement of this residence hall. This community represents a collaboration between the Division of Undergraduate Education, Division of Student Affairs, Office of Institutional Diversity and many more partners. She joined the Division of Undergraduate Education in 2011 coming from the College of Arts & Sciences where she was an academic advisor in the Natural Sciences & Mathematics Community. Prior to coming to UK, Hutchens had coordinated a First-Year Experience program and started a living learning community for out-of-state students at the University of Central Florida.

Kelli Hutchens in First Gen Living Learning Community

Kelli Hutchens (right) with inaugural 1G LLC students in Blanding III

Hutchens became UK’s first First Gen Program Advisor, responsible for coordinating the 1G LLC and advising the First Generation Student Organization. She also worked with the First Gen campus partners to schedule study groups in the community, faculty office hours and to plan future programming. She will leave us in July to go to Pennsylvania with her husband Dr. Neal Hutchens who accepted a faculty position at Penn State University.

We at Undergraduate Education thank these two amazing women for all their work here at UK, and we will miss them!


About UK Student and Academic Life

Undergraduate Education is now recreated within the Division of Student and Academic Life in the Provost's Office at the University of Kentucky.
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2 Responses to Two academic advisors leaving Undergraduate Education

  1. Sue Scheff says:

    We will miss both Kelli and Kelly very much! We wish them both good luck as they enter a new, exciting part of their lives.

  2. ukscholar says:

    Congrats to both Kelly and Kelli. Wonderful women we are losing.

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