College Readiness Bridge Programs in Kentucky

In response to a recent call from the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, several public postsecondary institutions submitted information about their bridge programs (whether in summer or during a regular semester) for students not meeting readiness benchmarks for their intended programs of study. The goal of such programs is to have students build the needed academic and success skills needed to enter their first fall semester on target to enter credit-bearing coursework, without need of remediation.  These programs greatly reduce the need for and depth of remediation for these students.The submissions are transcribed in full below:

Eastern Kentucky University

CONTACT Kathy Williams, Director, Academic Readiness & Testing, Eastern Kentucky University, SSB 355, (859) 622-1892

EKU Success First transition programs are for first-time freshmen who need to strengthen college readiness skills in English, writing, reading, or mathematics.  Students may choose from the summer First Step to College Success program or the fall Eastern Bridge program.  First Step and Eastern Bridge are for students who have two ACT scores that do not meet the Kentucky college readiness benchmarks of 18 in English, 20 in reading, or 19 in mathematics.  Students also will learn college-level study techniques, time management and test-taking skills, and other skills needed for college success.  Free tutoring in English, mathematics, and reading is available through the First Step and Eastern Bridge programs.  A link to EKU’s bridge programs is at

First Step to College Success summer program:

  • Summer 2012:  73 participants
  • Summer 2013:  72 applicants as of 5/21/13

First Step to College Success Fall 2012 program:

  • Corbin Campus Fall 2012 First Step:  9 participants
    Offered at Corbin in Fall 2013 as Eastern Bridge program.

Eastern Bridge fall program: (new program)

  • Richmond Campus Fall 2013:  12 applicants as of 5/21/13
    Predicted Enrollment:  375  (Students admitted for Fall 2014 as Success First must enroll in either the summer First Step or fall Eastern Bridge program to be admitted.) 
  • Corbin Campus Fall 2013:  1 applicant as of 5/21/13
    Predicted Enrollment:  9

Kentucky State University

CONTACT Sandy Trammell, Director, Academics with Attitude, Kentucky State University, 502-597-7146

Kentucky State University’s summer bridge program is called “Academics with Attitude.”  It offers comprehensive support for students for at least 4 semesters through developmental and 100 level general education requirements; the reading, writing, math, and science courses require scheduled,  mandatory supplemental seminars and study tables 3 hours per week per course.  In addition, students are assigned to a living-learning community, receive advising and assistance with registration during those four semesters, and receive intervention referrals for disability issues and psychosocial issues. It serves a targeted group of students who are admitted conditionally with the following ACT scores: ENG 15 or below AND Reading 16 or below AND MAT 18 or below.  In summer 2012 we served 92 students, and another 70 who came in fall 2012 received partial support. We are planning for 120-150 students for summer 2013 semester.

Morehead State University

CONTACT Dr. Emma Gillespie Perkins, Assistant Vice President, University College, 310 Allie Young, 606 783-2884

Morehead State University has a summer bridge program called the Summer Success Academy. We had 45 participants last year. The students included  those with one to three developmental needs.  The program is designed to help students prepare for their first year at MSU. The Summer Success Academy allows students to complete two courses (general education and/or developmental) and includes study skills training, introduction to campus life, tutoring and mandatory study time built into the schedule.

In addition, during the academic year,  the Morehead Writing Project Writing Studio is an embedded tutoring program that brings trained undergraduate peer writers into the developmental writing classroom. The peer writers work with small groups of students for weekly sessions over the course of a semester to provide support and guidance to the developmental students. This includes guiding the developmental writer through the writing process, acquisition of college skills and providing additional feedback and supplemental instruction as necessary. We had 51 students during the fall of 2012 and 42 during spring semester 2013. We also provide peer tutors in each developmental reading classroom to assist students with first year transitions.

Murray State University

CONTACT Lana Jennings

Students enrolled at Murray State University under restricted status (below 18 ACT composite, lower half of high school class, below 3.00 high school GPA, and no language arts benchmark scores) are required to take a 7-hour block of integrated classes in their first semester of enrollment, namely Introduction to Public Speaking (COM 161), developmental English (ENG 095 or 100), and developmental reading/study skills (REA 095 or 100).  These students are encouraged to use their strengths in either verbal or written communications to see the connection between speaking and writing while they research and prepare assignments for both classes on a single topic, with the assistance of their reading/study skills instructor. Additional support for this small group of highest risk students is provided with one-on-one tutoring appointments, labs, and an in-house advisor.  Spring semester students also enroll in FYE 098, a Freshman Year Experience orientation course, with summer students enrolling in FYE in their subsequent fall semester.

This program is offered spring and summer semesters only.  The class sections are populated with some non-restricted status students as well with only restricted status students being required to enroll in the full block.  Restricted status students must complete this block of classes in order to be enrolled for fall semester.

The 2013 spring semester restricted enrollment was 14 students and current summer enrollment is 16.  An additional 53 students are registered for summer developmental math classes.

Northern Kentucky University

CONTACT J. Patrick Moynahan, Vice Provost, 834 Lucas Administration Center, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY 41099, Phone: (859) 572-5379

Pathfinders Program: Northern Kentucky University will launch a bridge/support program in Fall 2013 for students with two or more admissions deficiencies. The Pathfinder Program is designed to help students in their first year overcome social and academic barriers to success. Students enrolled in the program will develop an academic success plan in collaboration with a professional advisor and must participate in mandatory progress checks with advisors and/or peer coaches at strategic intervals each semester. They also will be required to participate in UNV 101: Orientation to College (a credit-bearing course), supervised study tables and a career exploration program.

Owensboro Community and Technical College

The College Connections Program was designed to increase college readiness skills for graduating seniors by providing a two-week summer enrichment camp.  At the beginning of camp, students will be given the COMPASS diagnostic test which will determine an individual learning path to be worked on through MYFoundationsLab for the two weeks.  Students will also earn a free GEN 100 credit which will enable them to become familiar with campus resources and necessary study skills to be a successful student.  The last day of camp will include students post COMPASS testing and meeting with an advisor to schedule fall classes.  AN OCTC staff/faculty mentor will be assigned to students which will enable continuous communication throughout the academic year.  At the end of the student’s firs year in college, students will become “ambassadors” for the next summer’s incoming graduating seniors.  The audience for this program is graduating seniors from 14 local high schools who are not college ready in at least one area (English, mathematics, reading).  The goal is to have 40 students participate this summer and the camp will be the last two weeks in June.  Owensboro CTC will provide software and GEN 100 credit for student participants.

University of Kentucky

CONTACT Division of Undergraduate Education, 557 POT, University of Kentucky, 859-257-3027

The University of Kentucky offers two enterprise-wide programs easing student transition from high school to all colleges at UK.

  • University of Kentucky Freshman Summer Program (FSP), sponsored by the Office for Institutional Diversity’s Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (CARES)
    Description: The University of Kentucky (UK) Freshman Summer Program (FSP) is a six-week residential program designed to prepare students for the academic rigor of UK and to improve the persistence and graduation of African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, first generation and low income students admitted for the upcoming Fall Semester. Students have an opportunity to earn up to six credit hours. They are enrolled in a math and English course, or alternative course if they have earned credit for the math or English course that is being offered, as well as participate in other academic and career activities that include math and English supplemental workshops, Study Skills Seminars, and based on their career interest and major, either a Career/Major Exploration Workshop or shadowing experience in their area of interest. Students also participate in community services projects, educational tours, recreational outings, and cultural and social events. They are also introduced to faculty and staff from various departments and learn about campus resources.
    Forty-eight students participated in the 2012 Program and 50 students have been selected and confirmed to participate in the 2013 Program.
  • University of Kentucky Academic Preparation Program (APP), a collaborative program offered by Enrollment Management, Academic Enhancement, and Undergraduate Studies
    Description: This program is designed to begin communicating with students during the admissions/application process and provide a comprehensive continuum of support once they begin their careers as UK students. Students whose scores do not demonstrate readiness in reading, writing, or math, receive a Deferred Admission Decision letter from UK’s Office of Undergraduate Admission and information about how their application could be enhanced. Students receive information about placement tests and tutorials they should take before coming to an Advising Conference. Students whose placement test scores still do not demonstrate readiness are automatically enrolled in the APP workshops and other programs as well as UK101 (Academic Orientation). These students are also assigned an advisor in Undergraduate Studies or the College of Arts and Sciences. Academic Enhancement coordinates the developmental placement testing and workshops at UK for reading, writing, and math. All tests are online and can be taken during regularly scheduled sessions on campus or taken remotely. Placement testing is based on student ACT/SAT sub scores and tests are required to be taken before a student arrives for their Summer Advising Conference. An APP Course Plan for Demonstrating Readiness is developed for both newly admitted and continuing students who have not yet shown evidence of college readiness in their test scores. This plan allows for some flexibility, however, in how students may demonstrate readiness. For example, students in the APP Reading area may satisfy this requirement by earning a 2.0 or higher GPA in any full-time semester at UK. It is permissible for students in the mandatory math APP to enroll in UK 090 (required) and PHI 120 (Logic) or MA 111 (Contemporary Mathematics) simultaneously. Students who are admitted to UK in spring semesters but do not meet College Readiness guidelines are strongly recommended to enroll in appropriate courses in the APP.  For more on the placement tests, tutorials and APP workshops, see

    • 2012-13 Math Workshops (UK090) – 339 students enrolled (NOTE: UK admitted 417 in 2012 cohort with math scores below statewide cutoff – all of whom would have received student support services from one or more of the APP collaborating units)
    • 2012-13 Reading Workshops (UK 100 selected sections) – 210 students (NOTE: UK admitted 441 in 2012 cohort with reading scores below statewide cutoff – all of whom would have received student support services from one or more of the APP collaborating units)
    • 2012-13 Writing Workshops (UK 100 selected sections) – 160 students (NOTE: UK admitted 138 in 2012 cohort with writing scores below statewide cutoff – all of whom would have received student support services from one or more of the APP collaborating units)

    We anticipate the APP collaborative will serve 1,000 students transitioning from high school this fall (out of an anticipated 10,000 incoming first year students to be admitted to UK – and 5,000 to matriculate this fall).

University of Louisville

CONTACT Cathy Leist, Executive Director, REACH/Strickler Hall RM 245, University of Louisville, (502)-852-8105

The University of Louisville offers a variety of summer programs, but specific to summer bridge programs for college readiness, REACH (Resources for Academic Support) offers 3 programs this summer. Each program is conducted for 5 weeks. Each program has a program fee of $75 which includes the math software, MATHXL. Each program is for admitted/enrolled students who plan to attend UofL in the 2013 fall semester. Each program has a specific algebra readiness test offered online that students may do to determine college readiness for the intended major. The test directions and programs are advertised by early communications with admitted students and are again referenced by advisors to appropriate student populations when they attend the university’s summer orientations.

  • ADVANCE in Mathematics Program, June 2013 (last time offered—phased out for 2014—replaced by GEN 104, Special Topics in College Mathematics, 1 hour elective course)
    Description: ADVANCE is open to any enrolled student and serves as an intensive review program for mathematics, primarily algebra skills. This program requires onsite or online instructor-led intensive review sessions. These review sessions offer fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format. In addition, online computer sessions provide practice, supplemental instruction and skills tests for each week. Students must work to task completing weekly assignments and tests for successful completion. If a student successfully completes the program, s/he is eligible to post-test for UofL mathematics placement. The post-test provides an opportunity for possible advancement in placement. Eligible students can use this opportunity to “ADVANCE” into UofL’s general education mathematics curriculum.
  • SPEED Engineering Calculus Preview Program, July 2013
    Description: This Calculus Preview Program is specific to new, admitted engineering students enrolled in the J.B.SPEED College of Engineering. Planned with the faculty who instruct ENGR 101, Calculus I, for engineering students, this is an intensive review program for advanced algebra skills. The program requires on site or online instructor-led intensive review sessions. These review sessions offer fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format. In addition, online computer sessions provide practice, supplemental instruction and skills tests for each week. Students must work to task completing weekly assignments and tests for successful completion. If a student successfully completes the program, he or she will be better prepared to handle the rigorous first few weeks of her/his first SPEED calculus course. The post test score from this program may be used, if higher, may be used for point value in ENGR 101.
  • College of Business Calculus Preview Program, July 2013
    Description: This is specific to new admitted business students enrolled as Business CARDS and eligible by admission standards for a major in the College of Business (COB). This is an intensive program for review of advanced algebra skills. The program requires on-site or online instructor-led review sessions. These review sessions offer intensive, fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format. In addition, online computer sessions provide practice, supplemental instruction and skills tests each week. Successful completion of the CARDS Calculus Preview gives students an opportunity to post-test. The post-test score may advance his/her placement in UofL mathematics courses. The post test score may also improve a student’s opportunity for success if registered for the COB required, Elements of Calculus, MATH 180.

Western Kentucky University

CONTACT Sharon Hunter or Tim Brotherton

Western Kentucky University’s summer bridge is the Summer Early Entry (SEE) program.  The SEE program is for incoming freshmen, providing a strong start to a successful college career.   It is designed for incoming freshmen who need to take developmental English, Reading, and Math courses. Students can take one or two different courses.  By taking one or more classes over the summer, students can transition quickly into college level courses in the fall semester.  The program url is

Last year we had 19 students who completed, nine of those took two classes.  The options were DNEG 055C / DMA 096C / MA 109C enhanced and DRDG 080C.  Last year’s program was eight weeks long.  This year we have 21 students enrolled and this should go higher.  This year the program is only five weeks long.  Six of the twenty-one are taking a second class during the program.  New this year is 18 more international students (on top of the 21)  who are taking summer courses but who are not in the traditional population for SEE.



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