Congratulations to UK’s first undergraduate certificate completers!

Logo for Certificate of Global StudiesIn the spring of 2012, the University of Kentucky Senate approved a new kind of program of study for our undergraduates: the undergraduate certificate.

Dr. Doug Slaymaker

Dr. Doug Slaymaker, Assoc. Professor of Japanese

The first certificate approved by the Senate is the Certificate of Global Studies, with Dr. Doug Slaymaker taking the lead as faculty director. Dr. Slaymaker is an Associate Professor of Japanese in the Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures in the College of Arts & Sciences. The inaugural “faculty of record” coming from nearly every UK college offering undergraduate curriculum. Housed in Undergraduate Education and certified by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, this certificate program represents the University’s new emphasis on reaching across colleges and offering flexibility for all students seeking alternative pathways to success. This certificate is designed to show collaboration across all the undergraduate colleges in creating a focus for students’ scholarly work in international settings. There are four components: globally focused coursework, second language coursework, credit-bearing education abroad experience, and co-curricular programming. You can download the program brochure (in a .pdf file) here. Successful completers of this interdisciplinary certificate have demonstrated their preparedness to live and work in a global community.

So far there are four completers of the University’s first undergraduate certificate …. so far. Several more are in the pipeline for completion, and the Registrar has agreed to accept additional candidates for the May 2013 graduation date through the end of June. Watch for the students’ reflective essays available for all to read at

  • Katelyn McNamara earned this spring a baccalaureate with a double major from the College of Arts & Sciences: Topical (Psychology, focusing on Studies in Neuroscience) and Spanish. Featured on the Dean’s List, McNamara not only earned top marks but also took leadership roles in undergraduate research – see the National Council on Undergraduate Research archives for the abstract of a project she led under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan Lifshitz, UK Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. Her foreign language competency requirement is in Spanish, and her study abroad included two summers in Central and South America. Besides Latin American Studies and upper level Spanish courses, she also took anthropology course as part of her certificate program.
  • Bethany Ann Cahoon, also on the Dean’s List, earned her B.A. degree this spring in International Studies (with a thematic concentration in Culture and the Arts, and her specialty concentration on Europe) from the College of Arts and Sciences. Her certificate courses included upper level Spanish, History and Political Science; and her semester abroad was to study at the Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo in Spain. Her foreign language is Spanish.
  • Carrie Osterhage double majored in Political Science and German to earn her baccalaureate degree this spring. On the Arts & Sciences Dean’s List, Osterhage took upper level Political Science and German courses including those she transferred in from her study abroad semester at Ruprecht Karles Universitat Heidelberg. Her foreign language competency is in German.
  • Logan Douglas Lee, a political science major in the College of Arts & Sciences, studied abroad last fall at the Universidad Latina. His certificate courses included upper level political science and Spanish culture. His foreign language competency is in Spanish.

Congratulations, UK graduates!


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