Team-Based Learning


Photo shoot for Anatomical Sciences Education journal cover of the inworld UK Anatomy Lab, 2010

Dr. April Richardson-Hatcher’s new online undergraduate anatomy course ANA 309: An Introduction to Regional Anatomy is the first of its kind to conduct the Michaelsen method of Team-Based Learning (TBL) in the virtual world of Second Life™.  

April Richardson-Hatcher

Dr. April D. Richardson-Hatcher,Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology

Dr. Richardson-Hatcher is a member of the Special Title faculty series that focuseson innovative teaching strategies inanatomical education for undergraduate and medicalprofessional students. Dr. Richardson-Hatcher uses 3D models of the cranial nerves to supplement her lectures during class and as a study tool that students can utilize independently or in group study after class. Cranial nerves III, V, VII, and IX are displayed in a “Cranial Nerve Skywalk” above the University of Kentucky’s virtual island in Second Life (landmark is This project was a collaborative effort with Matt Hazzard (UKIT) and Dr. German Ramirez (University of Manitoba). In addition to 3D models for lectures, Dr. Richardson-Hatcher designed the online 5 credit-hour course ANA 309 for undergraduates. The students log in to Second Life and teleport to their group rooms on the UK island where they take a group quiz over basic anatomy content and then discuss relevant clinical case studies before returning to the main anatomy lab. After returning to the UK SL anatomy lab, groups simultaneously report their answers via a virtual letter panel and then justify their answers to the class. The TBL method is designed to foster intra and inter-team discussion, and the group interaction is facilitated entirely in Second Life.

Cover of Ana Sci Ed

Richardson-Hatcher’s lab featured on the cover of Ana Sci Ed, Issue 4, 2011

She began this kind of work in the UK Island (located in Second Life) several years ago – check out some pictures from those early days ( Also see other work she’s done in researching and teaching via this open, international virtual environment –

Due to the uniqueness of this teaching strategy she was invited to publish her results of this online version of TBL in Medical Science Educator.  

Join Dr. Richardson-Hatcher for lunch and an opportunity to learn about how she taught her students detailed, yet complex, concepts in this virtual environment.  Lunch is being sponsored by the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT).  A limited number of seats are available.  Please RSVP by Friday, April 18, 2013.

Registration link:

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