Oswald Competition Winners

Oswald Award Winners, December 2012

Oswald Award Winners Luncheon, December 2012

The Undergraduate Research Office is excited to announce the winners of the Oswald Competition for Fall of 2012.  A luncheon was held on Dec 3 for the winners and their mentors along with the reviewers of the competition.  

The Oswald Research and Creativity Program was established in 1964 by then-President John Oswald with the express purpose of encouraging research and creative activities by undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky. The objectives of the program are: (1) to stimulate creative work by undergraduate students, and (2) to recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement. This recognition emphasizes the importance the University places upon academic excellence.  Although these objectives have remained the same throughout the years, the number of categories has increased to include Biological Sciences; Design, including architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design; Fine Arts, including film, music, photography, painting, and sculpture; Humanities, from creative and critical-research approaches; Physical and Engineering Sciences; and Social Sciences.  All submissions are sent anonymously to faculty reviewers in related fields and are judged based on a rubric.

This year’s award winners are:


Honorable Mention: Christopher Karounos, Biology Junior, A Tragedy Exposed? Clear Growth Medium Reveals Roots Competing

Second Place: Aman Shah, Biology Senior, RNA Degradation is Elevated with Age-, but not Disuse-Associated Skeletal Muscle Atrophy

UK chemical engineering student Alexandra Tsoras discusses her project with a judge.

Alexandra Tsoras, chemical engineering

First Place: Alexandra Tsoras, Chemical Engineering Junior, Development of Three-Dimensional Lung Multicellular Spheroids in Air and Liquid Interface Culture for the Evaluation of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics


Second Place: Thomas Wortman, Landscape Architecture Senior, Land Feature Design Firm

UK landscape architecture students, Kaelin is at left

Jared Kaelin (at left), landscape architecture

 First Place: Jared Kaelin & Justin Menke, Landscape Architecture Seniors, Falmouth


Honorable Mention: Ben Norton, Topical Studies: Film, Television, & Digital Media and Spanish Junior, PSY’s Gangnam Style Parody

Second Place: Zak Norton, Topical Studies: Film, Television, & Digital Media and Kinesiology: Exercise Science Junior, Rhuem

Ashley Thacker, from her Tumblr blog

Ashley Thacker, art studio

First Place: Ashley Thacker, Art Studio Senior, It Can’t Rain All the Time


Honorable Mention: Lindsay Oberhausen, English and Spanish Senior, The Evolution of a Love Long Gone

 Second Place: Valerie Pfister, English and International Studies Junior, Breaking Routine (A Short Fiction)

 First Place: Heather Sims, Art Studio and English Senior, Elephant Memories: A Set of Poems


Second Place: Kelly King, English and Philosophy Senior, Exchange in Aristotle’s “Polis” and Adam Smith’s “Market”

Lindsay Oberhausen, Honors Program Ambassador

Lindsay Oberhausen, English and Spanish

First Place: Lindsay Oberhausen, English and Spanish Senior, Maternal Masochism: Self-Degradation of the Mother in Morrison’s “Beloved”


Honorable Mention: Josiah Hanna, Computer Science Junior, Summer 2012 LIP6 Write-up

Second Place: David Spencer, Chemical Engineering Senior, Multiple Macromer Hydrogels for Multiphase Drug Release

Lindsay Gray (at left) at Markey Cancer Research Day celebration

Lindsay Gray (on left), chemical engineering

First Place: Lindsay Gray, Chemical Engineering Junior, An Improved in vitro Model for the Study of Endothelial Cells Using Micropatterned Surfaces


Honorable Mention: Sarah Stromberg, Psychology and Mathematics Senior, Diaphragmatic Breathing and its Effectiveness in the Management of Motion Sickness

 Second Place: Carter Daniels, Psychology and Philosophy Senior, Do Pigeons Develop Mental Representations when Demonstrating Transitive Inference?

Elina Matveeva, K-Crew mentor and Psychology major

Elina Matveeva, Psychology

First Place: Elina Matveeva, Psychology Junior, Two is Company, Three is an Envious Crowd: Effects of a Third Party Evaluator on Expressions of Envy According to Lacanian


About Evie Russell

Evie Russell Assistant Director & Editor, Kaleidoscope The Office of Undergraduate Research Phone: (859) 257-6420 Fax: (859) 257-8734 evie.russell@uky.edu www.uky.edu/UGResearch “The point of research is not to rehearse what we know, but to explore and extend the boundaries of our ignorance.” Thomas Dochert, Professor of English
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