Let’s Get Going!

trumpetBeginning January 2013, the Division of Undergraduate Education (UGE) would like to invite all staff to serve as guest bloggers for the Bluegrass Blade, the official mouthpiece of UGE.  The goal is to keep us all informed about the new initiatives and ongoing work in each area that contributes to student retention and success.

The topic for these posts is very flexible. Some of the posts may highlight the estimated dollars saved by the retention work of UGE; others may highlight the contributions we make to student recruitment, success and the overall reputation of the University of Kentucky.  It would also be nice to occasionally use a post to acknowledge staff members of this Division who give so much time and energy to support students and fellow colleagues.

My role is to prepare a weekly or bi-monthly calendar of the individuals who plan to post.  If you have a specific time of year that your office would like to highlight, let me know and your post can be scheduled accordingly.

The first step is to get everyone in UGE to follow the blog.  If you go to the UGE website, http://www.uky.edu/UGE/,  at the bottom right you will see a header, Follow Us, and the twitter feed link and the blog link. Click that and it will take you to the blog.  Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a box to enter your email address, then click follow and you are done.

Thank you for supporting UGE.

Pat Whitlow

UGE logo

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