Two New General Chemistry Courses – assist students struggling with CHE 105

Stephen Testa

Dr. Stephen Testa

From Dr. Stephen Testa of the UK Chemistry Department:

There are students who need CHE 105 for their majors – and who qualify to take CHE 105 – but who struggle with the material. Therefore, the Chemistry Department is offering two new general chemistry courses, CHE 109 and CHE 110, which together serve as a direct replacement for CHE 105.

CHE 109 will be offered in fall semesters and CHE 110 in spring semesters. CHE 109 and CHE 110 (together) will cover the same material as CHE 105, but will give the students twice the time to learn the material, thereby allowing for time and instruction to overcome background deficiencies.


  • CHE 109: Math ACT of 23 or above; or math placement test; or MA 109; or the KCTCS course CHM 100 or CHE 102R. These are the same prerequisites as for CHE 105.
  • CHE 110: CHE 109 with a grade of C or better, or CHE 104 with a grade of C or better.
  • CHE 111: Prerequisite or corequisite of CHE 110. A student cannot take CHE 109 and CHE 111 at the same time, as material in the CHE 110 lectures is required for the second half of the CHE 111 labs.

General Education Credit

In order for this sequence to count towards general education credit (UKCore), students must take all three courses: CHE 109, CHE 110, and CHE 111.

Course Capacity

Sixty seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis through regular registration, and sixty seats will be reserved for CHE 105 drop-down students after the first CHE 105 exam.

Please contact Professor Stephen Testa with any questions at:

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GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy@UK

GEAR UP Kentucky SUMMER ACADEMY@UK was a summer of learning and fun on the campus of the University of Kentucky and sponsored by the GEAR UP Kentucky program. For three weeks, from June 22 through July 12, 2014, twenty courses taught by UK instructors across the curriculum gave 63 high school students the opportunity to see what skills and attitudes are critical for learning at the state’s premier research university.

Fourteen teaching assistants, supervised by Dr. Laurie Henry, participated in each of the courses as they were offered. In addition, seven student development advisors accompanied the students to and from Blanding IV Residence Hall each day. The courses were presented in a hybrid mode, using the free and open Canvas Instructure learning system alongside the face-to-face classes. An online Homeroom for the students and their student development advisors and residence advisors offered tutorials, a centralized calendar and announcements to the students. The instructors and GEAR UP KY staff had been working in the online Instructors Lounge to prepare for the Academy@UK, and continued to use that site for regular updates and keeping communications regular. For example, the online discussion group “How did it go today?” allowed for the instructors to alert the teaching assistants or student development advisors to help with reinforcing certain ideas or behaviors back in the dorm or over the weekend.

GeneralStudiesCoreAll students took the General Studies Core courses that included research skills, information literacy, argumentative writing and public speaking, visual literacy, digital citizenship, video editing and web publishing. This rich core of learning experiences was a collaboration between a dozen different faculty and staff instructors from the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Communication & Information, and Education. In addition, staff from the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), Kentucky Educational Television (KET) Media Lab, UK Libraries Special Collections, and the Office of Sustainability supported the student learning outcomes for the General Studies Core digital badge.

In addition, students  were offered the opportunity to choose elective courses that were modeled on college courses taught here at UK to our undergraduates.

ArtsCreativityIntellectual Inquiry in Arts and Creativity
Based on courses offered at UK for general education credit, these introductory level classes ask students to focus on exploring the many different parts of a good question, determine when additional information is needed and find information efficiently using a variety of reference sources as well as seeking multiple and complex answers to questions and issues related to arts and creativity.

  • Performing world music: A combined lecture-performance class that includes world music ensemble work in steel band, African drumming and other Afro-diasporic forms. No musical experience is necessary.
  • Creativity and the art of acting: Presence, or a focus on being “in the moment”, is the key to performance. In this course students focus on presence as a foundation for creativity and the art of acting. You will explore recent and current trends of theatre as well as examine the ways you can interpret language, literature, poetry and dramatic texts in communicating your ideas in performance ensembles. No acting experience is necessary.
  • Introduction to photographic literacy and image analysis: An introduction through both the study of its history and the practice of making of photographs. You will be introduced to image analysis through various styles, genres and technical aspects of the medium.

Visual LiteracyVisual Literacy
These courses expand on the work undertaken in the General Studies Core and allow for more time spent on crucial skills in digital media publication, communication, collaboration and visual literacy.

  • Art Out of the Box!: as you explore the power of the visual arts to communicate and idea or concept, you will create a three-dimensional artifact from a two-dimensional team drawing
  • Artifacts-In-Action: object-based learning with hands-on activities focusing on the visual study of artifacts at the UK Art Museum, at the UK Outdoor Sculpture Garden, and at UK Arts in HealthCare (Albert B. Chandler Hospital)
  • ITIQ Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies: collect, fuse, analyze, visual and present artifacts and data graphically on-screen, including printing of 3D artifacts using digital fabrication technologies common to desktop manufacturing processes used in business and industry
  • ITIQ Remix Audio/Video: assemble multiple tracks of audio as well as capture digital video and edit the video content with iPad applications while learning about copyright and intellectual property issues

GlobalCitizenshipGlobal Citizenship
Intercultural workshops, basic language classes, field trips and film festivals – a different culture each week – students attend all activities scheduled in the theme-based week to earn a badge

  • Russian Language and Culture
  • Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures
  • Japanese Language and Culture

SocialSciences-SciencesIntellectual Inquiry in Social Sciences and in the Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences
These introductory level classes ask students to focus on exploring the many different parts of a good question, determine when additional information is needed and find information efficiently using a variety of reference sources as well as seeking multiple and complex answers to questions and issues related to social sciences and to the sciences.

  • Introduction to Business and Economics: short courses in leadership, business disciplines, and the global economy through the use of case studies and class discussions
  • Following our Food, Learning to Lead: develop leadership skills in settings related to the sciences associated with agriculture, food and environment and spend three afternoons on field trips to local sites such as Winchester Dairy, Ale-8-One, Food Chain and Seed Leaf
  • Problem-solving Utilizing the Tools of Science: biological questions are proposed and students use the tools of chemistry, physics, math and deduction/reasoning to reach solutions; group work will focus on the four systems of the human body using biological models and other scientific equipment

QuantitativeQuantitative Reasoning
Students learn how fundamental elements of mathematical, logical and statistical knowledge are applied to solve real-world problems

  • Overview of Engineering and Autonomous Systems: students are introduced to the engineering profession and the engineering design cycle; they work in teams to design, build, program and test an autonomous system (robot) using mathematics and servomechanisms.
  • Scratch Programming: an introduction to computational thinking, students learn a free and open-source multimedia authoring tool for creating interactive stories, games and animations using coding principles in design goals and solutions for fixing programming “bugs”

In addition to the above courses, students participated in the College Cafe, co-curricular programming in the residence hall. This important college/career readiness component to the curriculum took place in the evening or on the weekends to give students the opportunity to discuss the culture of college in a fun, relaxed setting. Activities and discussions led by Kelsey Carew (UK First Gen Initiatives), GUK Academy student development advisors and guest speakers focused on the everyday life of the college student, such as the importance of time management, multiculturalism on a college campus, and getting involved in the campus community. Casey Shaddix of the College of Health Sciences led a career day exploration session about the various degrees they offer and how important that preparations for a STEM major at UK start early. On the 4th of July, Damarias Moore, an instructor from the UK French department in partnership with the International Center, led a series of activities that helped students understand the connections between the French and American Revolutions before they went to participate in the festivals in downtown Lexington. Similar to UK undergraduates, Summer Academy@UK included a UK FUSION (UK For Unity and Service In Our Neighborhood) service event, a Common Reading Experience with book groups all discussing the same book, and Sustainability tours of the campus led by Shane Tedder and members of the Office of Sustainability. Students who had signed waivers from their parents/guardians were allowed to use the Aquatics Center (see the UKAquatics-WaiverofLiability-AssumptionofRiskIndemnity) and to borrow bicycles from Wildcat Wheels (see the Waiver-WildcatWheels-GUK2014).

Summer Academy@UK strove to prepare students academically and personally for college by introducing them to the UK Core general education program required of all graduates of UK. By the end of the Summer 2014 three-week residential experience, students were expected to be able to demonstrate:

  • increased college readiness by using written, oral and visual communication skills to produce and present original research-based projects;
  • an increase in the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in college and the workforce such as practicing self-discipline, inclusivity, and civic engagement; and,
  • appropriate social behavior and self-awareness and be able to express confidence in their ability to succeed in college and navigate the complexities of campus life.

Students reflected on what they had been learning with a journal app on their mini-iPad, and some posted blog entries. Successful completers of the courses earned digital badges that were certified by UK instructors and archived for display through the Open Passport badge system. Students can see the badges they have earned and show them to their friends, teachers or employers by pointing to their Passport profile (as part of an online and mobile portfolio or published as a Mozilla Open Badges) or by sharing the badges on other platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

digital badgesSome basic numbers about the Summer Academy@UK:

  • Staff included 30 instructors, 14 teaching assistants, 7 student development advisors, 2 residence advisors, 4 GEAR UP Kentucky staff from CPE, 2 UGE staff
  • Of the 85 students assigned to the University of Kentucky by GEAR UP Kentucky, 72 students actually signed in at Blanding IV on Sunday, June 22nd
  • Of the 71 students who stayed the first night on campus, 18 were male
  • Of the 8 students who left before the last day of the Academy@UK:
    • 1 left on 23 June (here for 1 day)
    • 3 left on 24 June (here for 2 days)
    • 1 left on 25 June (here for 3 days)
    • 1 left on 30 June (here for 8 days)
    • 1 left on 1 July (here for 9 days)
  • 61 students (out of the 63 who persisted all three weeks) earned the right to keep their mini-iPads (i.e., successfully completed all their courses and earned the digital badges for the courses they took)
  • Summer Academy@UK students earned, on average, a little more than 7 digital badges each
  • Madison Shrader from Hart County High School and Mallory Smith from Madison Central High School earned the most badges (9)
  • A total of 478 digital badges were awarded by the instructors of the GUK Summer Academy@UK 2014.
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CRE Summer Book Club Meeting, 10 am, July 25

This just in from Annie Kelly, Assistant Director of New Student & Parent Programs, Division of Student Affairs:

A Long Way Gone book coverThe Common Reading Experience Program invites you to attend the final book club meeting of the summer:

10 – 11 a.m.
July 25, 2014
Student Center 357

Coffee, donuts and wonderful conversation will be provided while discussing the 2014-14 Common Reading Experience: A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, by Ishmael Beah.

Conrad Davies

Conrad Davies

This meeting will focus on chapters 17-21 and an overview of the book. The discussion will be led by Conrad Davies, CIS lecturer and Assistant to the Director for Social Innovation & Outreach in the College of Communication and Information.

For questions, please contact Annie Kelly, Coordinator of the Common Reading Experience Program, at


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GUK Summer Academy@UK 2014 – Visualization and 3D Fabrication

Derek Eggers and GEAR UP KY students in King Library computer lab

Google+ Story featuring photos by Marty Henton, College of Fine Arts

Andy McDonald (The Hive in the College of Arts & Sciences), Kara Hill (Ricoh USA) and Derek Eggers (CELT) collaborated this summer to create a course for rising sophomores in the GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK. In “Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies,” students learned how to collect, fuse, analyze, visual and present artifacts and data graphically on-screen, including printing of 3D artifacts using digital fabrication technologies common to desktop manufacturing processes used in business and industry.

The course covered visual representation, including printing of 3D artifacts at skill levels appropriate for high-school students. Course module topics included:

  1. Overview and examples of collecting, analyzing and visualizing data for research and communication.
  2. Download and install required applications. Exploratory “Play Time” with the technology.
  3. Identifying, locating, and collecting data – using the open Internet, public data sources, and mobile devices.
  4. Visualization and Presentation of 2D and 3D Data and artifacts using Google Charts, Graphs and other Graphics tools.
  5. Construction and presentation of 3-Dimensional Objects, Environments and GEO-Spatial Data using SketchUp-Pro, Google Earth, other web based apps.
  6. Digitizing, Creating, Editing, and Representing 3D Artifacts: Using Autodesk123D apps and 3D Printing Technologies.
  7. Final Project: Using the tools and skills developed to make a persuasive presentation including editing, and hosting online.

By the end of the ITIQ Digital Design and Fabrication course successful students can:

  • Identify safety procedures for using digital fabrication equipment
  • Describe the Maker Movement and major terms associated with the movement
  • Scan 2-dimensional (2D) art for use in digital design and fabrication processes.
  • Scan 3-dimensional (3D) objects for use in digital design and fabrication processes.
  • Utilize 2D and 3D design software to specify images and objects for digital fabrication
  • Prepare a 3D design for fabrication using post-processing applications.
  • Prepare a 2D design for fabrication
  • Identify common materials used in low-cost 3D printing devices
  • Identify common materials used in “desktop” fabrication technologies.
  • Establish an account with an online fabrication service bureau
  • Prepare, upload and specify objects to be fabricated by a service bureau

Summarized to 3-4 key Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe and discuss the origins, individuals, organizations, software, hardware, and processes common to digital desktop design and manufacturing associated with the Maker-Movement.
  • Create and post-process 2D and 3D designs appropriate for desktop manufacturing including scanning, designing, 3D modeling, and editing.
  • Identify, describe, and safely use digital fabrication technologies common to desktop manufacturing processes used in schools, businesses, and community groups.

digital badge for 3D printing courseSeventeen GEAR UP KY students successfully earned their digital badges for this course.


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Dr. Karen Badger appointed as Assistant Provost

Karen Badger

Dr. Karen Badger

Dear Colleagues:

I am extremely pleased to inform you that Dr. Karen Badger has accepted a position in Undergraduate Education (UGE) as Assistant Provost. While she will continue her responsibilities such as Associate Dean in the College of Social Work, a portion of her Distribution of Effort be assigned to UGE.  Among other campus-wide responsibilities, she will chair Undergraduate Council and the UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC) and will be tasked with working closely with college and Senate curriculum committees to assist colleges and the University Senate in streamlining the curriculum process for undergraduate programs and courses.

As you all know, our recent Strategic Planning discussions have highlighted the need to improve the efficiency and timeliness of the campus process for review of courses and programs. The Division of Undergraduate Education plays a pivotal role in this process for undergraduate curricula through leadership of the University Senate’s Undergraduate Council and the UK Core Education Committee and sponsorship of campus-wide courses (the UK and UKC series).  Dr. Badger’s appointment will help improve communication and functioning between the various levels of the approval process.

Dr. Badger’s professional experience and knowledge of UK are crucial for this work.  She has brought to her appointment at UK almost 25 years of social work experience which included a manager position in a large university hospital.   Since arriving in Lexington, she has developed considerable knowledge of UK’s campus culture. In addition to her contributions to the College of Social Work as administrative faculty in the areas such as accreditation, program and curriculum development, she has served on a variety of campus-wide committees, including the Academic Programs Approval Committee, University Assessment Council, the Institutional Effectiveness Advisory group, the Graduation Writing Requirement Task Force, the Women’s Leadership and Career Development Task Force, and the UK Strategic Planning Committee.  She is a long-time member of Undergraduate Council and has chaired that body for the last two years. She knows Undergraduate Education well, having chaired External Reviews of the Division of Undergraduate Education (2012) and the Stuckert Career Center (2013). Her contributions to teaching have been recognized through the UK Teacher Who Made a Difference Award and the UK Alumni Association Great Teacher Award (2013). In addition to her expertise in the psychosocial adjustment of burn survivors, her research interests include undergraduate curricula and assessment.

Dr. Badger’s administrative skills, her teaching excellence, and experience in curriculum development are great additions to the UGE team. Please welcome her to her new official role.

Benjamin C. Withers, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
Director, Honors Program
University of Kentucky
(859) 257-3027

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4th of July

UK Undergraduate Education:

Thoughts about GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy@UK on the 4th of July weekend – from a student’s perspective.

Originally posted on ginger2125:

Yesterday was the 4the of July, I missed out on all the activities at home, but I had a lot of fun here. We made these awesome t-shirts. Then walked down to the parade, I’ve never seen so many people! The fireworks were really cool, I had a lot of fun spending time with all my friends. Now it is Saturday and that means that there is only one week of camp left. I don’t want it to end.

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GEAR UP KY Academy@UK Students Learning to Think Like Global Citizens

How do you greet a friend or acquaintance who is celebrating Ramadan this month? “May you have a peaceful Ramadan” is very appropriate – or you can offer your good wishes in Arabic.common greetings for Ramadan in Arabic

This week, in partnership with the UK International Center and the Department of Modern & Classical Languages in the College of Arts & Sciences, the GEAR UP Kentucky Summer Academy@UK focuses on Arabic languages and Muslim cultures.

The Summer Academy@UK is now in its second week (of three), and the students are learning to thinking like global citizens – an important skill for all of us, but especially those who wish to graduate with a degree from the University of Kentucky. Last week, the students learned how to count in Russian – and they watched a slapstick comedy in Russian with English subtitles. On Saturday, they watched a game or two of the World Cup with a group of UK international students from Brazil! The students reported that though not many could speak English, but they all enjoyed seeing a soccer game from a Brazilian perspective. One of the four student learning outcomes for the University’s general education program, UK Core, focuses on this: “Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of citizenship and the process for making informed choices as engaged citizens in a diverse, multilingual world.”

For more information about what’s going on with the Summer Academy@UK, follow the UKUGEd Twitter stream or by searching on #GEARUPatUK – the students and the student development advisors are chronicling the many different classes and co-curricular activities.


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SAVE THE DATE! UGE & Big Blue Pantry Food Drive, July 29, noon-1 pm

Serving the Nation's Students: College and University Food Bank Alliance

UK is now a member of the College and University Food Bank Alliance (CUFBA).

UGE is partnering with UK’s new Big Blue Pantry to host a brown bag luncheon & food drive to help stock the shelves for the grand opening of the pantry beginning in August 2014.

This brown bag luncheon on July 29th, noon to 1 p.m. (location TBD), will serve as a time to inform you on the happenings of the new pantry as well as a chance to gather some much needed items to help our students! UGE is donating free dessert for attendees, so please don’t miss out on a great opportunity to come together and help make a difference!

If you’d like to make a monetary donation, we would be able to use it to purchase needed supplies, and supplement food donations to the pantry. Checks may be made payable to the Center for Community Outreach and will be collected at the luncheon.

Needed items: Nonperishable only!

  • Canned tuna & chicken or canned meats
  • Peanut Butter/Nut Butter/Nutella
  • Canned Soups
  • Cereal
  • Instant Oatmeal packets/Instant Grits
  • Pasta & Pasta Sauce
  • Instant Rice & Instant Potatoes
  • Canned fruit
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Fruit Juice/V-8 Juice
  • Easy Mac
  • Microwavable Popcorn
  • Bread & Muffin Mixes (that only need water)
  • Nutritional Supplement drinks (i.e. carnation instant breakfast, ensure, boost)
  • Beans (dried and canned)
  • Instant Pudding/Jello
  • Shelf Stable (UHT) Milk/ Evaporated Milk/Soy Milk (Make individual cartons)
  • Condiments, Oils, & Seasonings
  • Pancake Mix (that only needs water)
  • Ready-to-eat items such as:
    • Granola bars
    • Fruit cups
    • Tuna salad packets
    • Dried Fruit/Fruit Leather
    • Pretzels
    • Cracker packs
    • Single-serving boxes of raisins
    • Nuts

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Contact Kelsey Carew @ 859-218-3332 or


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Gear up 2K14!

UK Undergraduate Education:

A visual from a first blog post from a student in the GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK

Originally posted on sv1942446541:


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First days of GearUP

UK Undergraduate Education:

Very insightful first journal entry from a student in GEAR UP KY Summer Academy@UK

Originally posted on sienna2357:

My first couple of days of GearUP have been very interesting. I am loving getting to experience college life and everything, but it’s been pretty hard. We have back to back classes all day, which is really cool but also quite stressful. I’m beginning to realize that college life is more than constant partying and,” all fun all the time,” like it’s usually made out to be. Honestly, I’m really excited to be challenged. Sometimes high school is a little bit too easy so a challenge is kind of refreshing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this three weeks holds and I’m really excited to see how this experience will effect me later on. 

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